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  1. How many residents is too many for one nurse?

    I find it interesting that a DON and the facility don't understand the pressure and the stress, that is put on Nurses in LTC, and everyday you feel that you may be putting your license on the line. Does the facility care? or the DON care? Probably n...
  2. animal research

    Have you ever seen video's on utube, and I know you can't believe everything you see. But they had to make the video's somewhere, it is absolutely horrifying, I don't know how these experiment teams sleep at night. These poor animals really, we are l...
  3. LTC and med orders

    Thanks for your input, can I come work with you !!! LOL I wish the nurses I worked with...were just like you..I feel they think I should know all of this!!! After two month!!! You give me hope and also some good words of advice!!! Thanks a bunch!!!
  4. let go 6 wks into 10 wks it fair?

    I am very sorry to hear this and as I read all the posts, I can't believe how this profession is so unprofessional. I am also a new grad and took a job in LTC I love being a nurse, but I truly believe there is something wrong with the facility I work...
  5. LTC and med orders

    Good advice, thank you, I am a new nurse and working for only 2 months, with very little training in LTC, about 8 hrs, if that. I am trying to keep my head above water right now, without running and screaming from the facility!!!
  6. LTC and med orders

    Thanks for the suggestions, helped alot!!!
  7. LTC and med orders

    Lots of controversary over shampoo, it was only one example I came across that I could think about in the moment. The point is I am having difficulty with the statement other nurses tell me, that I can't ask for a medication, and when making a reques...
  8. LTC and med orders

    We pretty much need a order for everything, I was actually told by my supervisor to get a order for the shampoo, because that was my first thought, and was told ...fax the doctor first!!!
  9. LTC and med orders

    I work in LTC, and I am having difficulty writing requests for medications or treatments. I am told that I can not ask for a medication or a treatment? I am told I have to watch my wording??? And should be writing the request like a doctor order's. I...
  10. Where are all the jobs!!!

    I am a new graduate working in LTC, I have heard that it is hard to get a job once you started in LTC. I really didn't have much of a option because there is not alot of jobs at hospitals for new graduates!!! And the ones that have come up, I have...
  11. Need Help

    I am a student writing a paper on the ratio of staffing in nursing home...patient to nurse. I am having difficulty finding out information. Is there any practice guidelines or laws on how many nurses compared to patients.
  12. first nursing diagnosis

    You are absolutely correct, I don't know if it is muscle weakness, but when doing the assessment, and documenting, the nurse I was working with told me to document as Lower extemeties, equally weak? Due to the fact that when we transfer him from the...
  13. first nursing diagnosis

    Okay I have CVA patient in rehabillation, and I am looking at the pathophysiology, of the stroke. As of yesterday, assessing him he cannot stand or at all on his own, he is a two person assist, he can pivot with his legs. He cannot feed himself, but...
  14. Please someone help

    I have a patient with a TBI and his memory, cognitive abilities, a behavior has changed also, in my assessment he is very forgetful, can't remember if i gave him meds, cant remember the year it is, forget's why he is going to the dining room? and his...
  15. help please...deperate for OB nursing diagnosis

    This goes with post 9.....she is also constipated...and I wanted to use Constipation r/t pregnancy......can I write the diagnosis this way? These nursing diagnosis are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!