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  1. drfitness

    Reading in advance before NP program?

    Hi! Great question! I am also starting next fall and wanted a leg up as well. May I ask what is an APA manual??
  2. drfitness

    An Average Day for a Psychiatric NP

    Thanks for being sooo helpful! Ok..one more question...what are the salary ranges for the new ones? Is it true they make more initially than Fnp's? THis is helping me make my decision:)
  3. drfitness

    An Average Day for a Psychiatric NP

    Smitty, Thanks for the info! Also are there alot of jobs out there for Psych NP's? I have gotten on career builder and only see jobs for FNP posted. It is a big step for me to go back to school after being out so long and I would like to know my investment pays off:) Did you have a tough time finding a job? And do other Psych Nps find jobs pretty easily? THanks
  4. drfitness

    An Average Day for a Psychiatric NP

    I would also love to hear from psyNps! I got into a FNP program in boston starting next year but am seriously considering changing over to Psych because I think that is more of a field of interest for me and I have many years of psych experience as a master level counselor. However I wouldnt want to get into a field where the job options are limited. So I also would love to hear from the psych NPs out there..!!! Thanks!
  5. Thanks Sammy for that infor regarding the new NP salaries! Do they include benefits? If so its not so bad as I thought. Maybe the other recent grads just havent been looking as hard.
  6. Just curious...do those new NP's in Texas have prior RN experience?
  7. This thread has been very informative and yet a bit scary for me as a potential NP in three yrs. Got into an NP program . It is a " direct entry" program which means you enter directly with a bachelors only. NoRn experience needed. I am also applying to another one like that, both starting in 2010. The thought of having a debt of 120K yes they are alll very expensive) and making less than RNs or even making less than $50an hour is frightening with all the time and money put into the program! Both schools I have talked to tell me that new NP grads are making around 100K and paint a very optimistic picture. Reading this thread has opened my eyes up to the fact that it is not true what they say AND the fact that I dont have RN experience may hurt me when I graduate. I am in my early forties and money, benefits are impt to me!THat is the reason I am leaving my current field of healthcare . I would welcome any , opinions and advise as to direct entry grads or new NP grads in general and if they feel the time and money was worth it in the end? If I have to wait for many years after I graduate to actually make good money and benefits then the investment may not be worth it. SOoo hard to decide what to do!!!!!!:spin: I can take all comments very well so do please give me your honest opinions. Until I read this thread I was under the impression that I would graduate in 2013 and have many jobs available to me and start making atleast 85K if not more! By the way I live in Mass. THanks
  8. drfitness

    Chiropractor to FNP

    I am another chiro going into a direct entry fnp program next fall. Looks like alot of us are on the same page:yeah:
  9. drfitness

    FNP vs PsyNP

    Thanks that is so helpful to know! Do you know if there is a different between CNS in Psy vs PysNP? Two schools i am interested in offer those two respective programs! Also.. are the salaries higher than Fnp's in the same area. Salary and lifestyle IS impt to me:) THanks!
  10. drfitness

    FNP vs PsyNP

    I was accepted into a direct entry FNP program this fall that I decided to defer admission to for various reasons. SO now with this year off I am beginning to explore the other specialites that the direct entry program has to offer. I am currently working as a chiropractor ( got my doctorate in 2001) . I have my bachelors AND a masters in psychology however. Sooo.... the big question I have is...are those two fields equal as far as job oppurtunities and salaries go?? I love patient contact and interaction( have had 16 years of it in combined in health care settings ), but my heart tends to lean toward Pychology. However, I heard its not as easy to get a job as a PsyNP as it is as an FNP. I would prefer some input on this topic from people in both those fields ( especially). Any other advise is also greatly appreciated! Oh and the reason I am getting out of the field of chiropractic is that i was in a major car accident a few years ago and still have residual pain in my right shoulder that ONLY acts up after a long day of adjusting:bluecry1:. I do have the classic drop table( for you who are knowledgable on chiropractic) which takes some of the stress off of my shoulder but still I know I will burn out in that field physically probably sooner than later.... Thanks
  11. drfitness

    Friend MD Made Me a 50/50 Offer

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I have some more questions for you. Can you please send me a pm since I cant send you one. Thanks
  12. drfitness

    Wages: RN vs. NP??

    christen, rn, are you going to specialize in orthopedics with your masters? how do you like being an orthopedic nurse right now?
  13. drfitness

    Thinking about becoming a Nurse Practitioner

    I like this thread alot and all the responses are very helpful. I agree with T.Shmitt that one should not diregard salaries when considering the nursing profession. I was accepted into a direct entry program( tuition alone is 100K and it is a full time program) and decided to defer a year due to the fact that I want to truly make sure this is the career for me to change into. ( I am currently in the Health care field as well). The field I am now, although I love and it pays me well, it entails alot of physical work and I feel in about 10 years I will be done with it physically. I heard from many people that the fields of Nurse Practicioning and Physican Assistants are big for the future and now. I would only make a career change if I felt that I could have financial security and more oppurtunities than I currently have in my field. But one thing that concerns me is that I want to make sure I would be truly HAPPY in that field. I want to ask the NPs out there if they are happy with their careers?? I, will most likely be focusing on the FNP tract. Your honesty is appreciated. THanks!
  14. drfitness

    Day in the life of psych NP/CNS

    This thead has been soo helpful to me. I am starting NP school next year and was accepted into a FNP program but am looking into Psy now!! I wanted to ask Psychlady123 if she prefers Psy to Fnp?
  15. drfitness

    Salaries for FNP

    I actually got some answers to the " salaries for FNP" question from a recent grad and her FNP friends yesterday. So for this market, Boston, which does seem to have quite a bit of Nurse Practicioners, they all said that the starting pay for FNP is around the mid 80's, with benefits. They say its VERY important to negociate, negociate, negociate since the range of pay they can offer you varies quite a bit based on experience etc. One FNP just graduated 2 years ago from an entry level FNP program with NO prior nursing experience or health care experience for that matter( except what she did in school during the RN portion , which was only a few months).She said at first they wanted to pay her 80K but after a little bit of negociating on her part they brought her up to 85K with all benefits. SHe said that is about the range that her FNP friends make two years out of school without prior experience. She works in an outpatient setting affiliated with a hospital. She said the ones that work in private specialty practice can make more ( 100K) and in community health, less,( mid seventies) but there are perks and benefits to both. In community health they can pay back a portion of your loan a year ( up to 25K at some centers)and in specialty( ortho, derm) they will rarely just hire you out of school without prior experience. SHe did make it clear to me that for the money they pay you ( 85K for her ) they work you very, very hard! They like to make sure you see a certain amount of patients a day and she said she is exhausted at the end of the day, from going non stop. However she loves the profession. and glad she switched over from a totally unrelated field. But emphasized like others did in this thread that you need to do it because you want to and not for the money. Her student loan debt( I asked) is around 100K from the program she attended and she will be paying that off for many, many years. I do hope this helps others reading this as it has helped me:)