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  1. ggabri07, thanks for offering your help! I was wondering about the PDA requirement. Any recommendations, or does everyone use the same one? Also, I'm looking for the following books for My first semester classes, if you have any of these: Nurs 2003 - Funds. of Nursing I: Taylor, Fundamentals of Nursing, 6th ed. + Study Guide + Video Guide Castillo, Calculating Drug Dosages, 2nd ed. Sparks & Taylor, Nursing Diagnosis Ref. Manual, 2nd ed. Lynn, Taylor's Clinical Nursing Skills, 2nd ed. Wilson, Health Assessment for Nursing Practice, 4th ed. Nurs 2005 - Prof. Comm. Skills: Varcarolis & Halter, Essentials of Mental Health Nursing Nurs 2006 - Dev't. Through Life Span Lutz, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 4th ed. Berk, Dev't Through Life Span, 4th ed. APA Manual & Rules for Writers Nurs 2210 - Pathophysiology: Huether, Understanding Pathophysiology, 4th ed.
  2. balone

    Any Fdu (fairleigh Dickinson U.) Students Here????

    how long is each clinical rotation? i know the first one we do is at a nursing home, something relatively easy to begin with, but I'm hoping it's not more than a month or so. also, how many different hospitals/units have you worked in so far?
  3. I'll also be starting the 1 year ABSN at FDU next week. I'm moving up from philly and having some trouble finding a place to live, so if you know of anybody looking to sublet or lease let me know, or if you just want to meet up.
  4. balone

    Any Fdu (fairleigh Dickinson U.) Students Here????

    i am also starting the 1 year ABSN at FDU next week. i don't even think they're full yet, because i just got accepted last week...
  5. balone

    UMDNJ Accelerated BSN students

    Hey all! I have also been accepted to umdnj's ABSN program at the stratford campus for may 2009, but I'm way more interested in taking classes at the newark campus. i've heard that the newark campus is more competitive, and i requested a second review of my application to see if i might be eligible for fall admission... but does anyone know if its possible to transfer campuses once you start? also does any one have details about the orientation on monday, as in what time and where we should meet, and if i need to bring anything? i just got my acceptance packet last week and i'm not sure of the details orientation details yet. thanks - future Murse