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  1. You got it Countryhrt......its unbelievable how 'helpful/kind' they seem during the orientation (right before you make the largest of the three payments)....they wanted me there then, and were happy for me to drop off the money order payments - no checks or credit cards accepted for the tuition part (as the Mom of the student)...but they didn't want me there when they told my daughter she was out of the program. They didn't allow me to see her grades - they didn't want me to even talk to them......my daughter got great feedback from the actual hospital nurses as well as patients as well as the clinical instructors (not the same people who are teaching in the classroom M-F)....all said she will make a great nurse....and then when she missed the section by 1% point academically - it was like: Bye Bye! She/I paid for graduation ceremony, pictures, nurse board exam seat fee, Section III (nursing funds 2), fingerprinting, grad caps, etc....and she won't participate in any of it and there is NO REFUNDS!! Now, what college do you know of that charges you for a class that they don't deliver? And doesn't refund? Even at CSU you can still get 100% back if you drop the class a week into it! A friend of my daughters was in the same class as her - he paid ALL upfront (we did 3 payments but last payment due before Nursing Funds II stars) - and failed the anatomy and physiology course (ends in October I believe) - he lost all the money as well. I would seriously think about another school for nursing....was so disappointed in CVCC - my mother got her LPN at Parma School of Nursing which was bought by CVCC and we thought how cool it would be for my daughter to get her LPN there....oh well.
  2. Countryhrt, My daughter was a student there (she's 20 and has been an STNA for two years)....yes, they make you pay all fees upfront before you begin the second session (there are 3 sessions in the full time program - Anatomy/Physiology; Nursing Funds 1; Nursing Funds 2)...and she failed the second session final exam by 1% - passed the clinicals, but failed the final exam - yes, by 1%. And to boot, the remainder of the class learned the SCANTRON machine was failing and several questions were not scored....but that grades would stand because if they changed the current classes scores, they would be obligated to handscore all the exams from that current class from August '08 thru March '09. They won't do it. Once you pay for the schooling, they have no need to keep you around, help you, be a mentor to you - they got their money and thats all they are concerned about. The head of the program, Mrs. Myrna George is one of the most rudest elderly persons I have ever met in my 46 years of life. For a better program, try Metro Healths LPN program (I think its run in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic)...Its only 6K in price not the $11K you will dish out at CVCC. And their grading system is in line with colleges. Good luck!
  3. If you want to be publically humiliated by teachers (in class as well as in hospital hallways), questioned constantly about your desire to be a nurse, held to a higher grading standard than any college or university in the state of Ohio, pay for all tuition up front with the risk of losing all your money if you fail any final/clinical/ at ANY point in the program - than this is the LPN school for you!!