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  1. nicuRNor

    Nursing Career: Can My Back Take It?

    :)Thank you, thank you!! I am a student nurse and will take your advice seriously. I have also just begun a new workout regimen and will definitely focus more on ab work. What you wrote makes so much sense.
  2. nicuRNor

    need some positive reinforcement. help?

    I agree with the "first things first rule." I definitely get caught up in all the "what-if"s but one step at a time really helps. I recently started an ABSN program after 2 years of prereqs working full time at 28 yrs old. I know you can do it! One class, one day at a time. If it's something you really love it will happen and I believe the universe will take care of you if you put your mind to it. Good luck, stay on top of things one day at a time, and you will definitely make it! :)
  3. nicuRNor

    Linfield College

    Thanks, LinfieldNursingGuy, you eased my mind a little bit! :)
  4. nicuRNor

    Linfield College

    Hey, seriously, thanks for the tip! Are you also doing your ABSN? I am excited to start in June. I'm taking 17 credits of my final prereqs right now....would you say, just in general, that nursing school is harder than anything you've done? I'm kind of nervous and excited.
  5. nicuRNor

    Linfield College

    I thought for sure it'd be more like April 23rd, too. I was really surprised when I got a letter. Also, I think being waitlisted is still a really good sign, and I wish you luck. Thanks everyone for the congrats. Congratulations to all those who got in!!! I am excited to meet you all. Good luck to the rest still waiting, and those on the waiting list. LinfieldNursingGuy, I didn't call my cohort anything, but thanks for the tip anyway.
  6. nicuRNor

    Linfield College

    ...i meant home....home super-late :icon_roll
  7. nicuRNor

    Linfield College

    Hi, I just got hope super-late from class and studying all day (A & P) and found in my mailbox the acceptance letter from the accelerated nursing program from Linfield!!! I am so excited I am still a little shaky! Good luck to everyone else waiting and hope to see you there in June or September!!:redbeathe