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    RRT or LPN need advice to decide

    I am a single mom and I am finally able to further my education now that my children are in school. I have always wanted to work in the nursing field in some aspect. My mother is an RN and I have seen her satisfaction as well as financial abililty to provide for me and my sister as a single mother, so I knew this would be my direction when I was able to committ to school. I only have a year, two max to finish school due to financial position and must be able to provide for myself and my children after completing a program. I have passed my NET with a 133, and was accepted into an LPN program this fall. However, I also was accepted into the RRT (Registered Respiratory Therapist) program beginning this June. My dilema is I need to find the course that is quickest and pays the most. I know I will enjoy both, I think. I really do not know alot about RRT's responsibilities, benefits/drawbacks of the career,etc. However, I think the pay scale is higher. But, is it mainly working in trauma? I have always wanted to work in labor and delivery, and i know I would benefit the most financially as an RN in that capacity but, can not get into a program soon enough and really need to finish a program sooner to begin working. Kind of complicated, I know. My mind is mush :bugeyes:trying to decide and I am on a time limit. I really would appreciate any insight into either one of these fields to help me make a good decision... Any advice? Thanks!