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  1. kinisa

    Farmingdale State College

    Hi Guys, I also got accepted, but I still don't know if this is the way to do it. I have my BS and all pre-req. I would only need the nursing classes and that's it. On one hand I'm thinking about accelerated BSN, on the other I could still work, take 2 classes per semester and be RN with AS from Farmingdale. I'm being told that I could still go fo NP after 1 year because of my BS.... Decisions, decisions...
  2. kinisa

    Accepted - Farmingdale Fall '09

    Hi, I just registered here to to tell you not to give up on your dream just because the administration at Farmingdale sucks! I just got accepted to the program too, but I've been at Farmingdale for 4 years doing my BS. Let me tell you- the Professors are great (most of them at least), the admistration- oh my God!!!! You cannot get a straight answer to anything and can never get an answer over the phone. From what I hear most SUNY schools are like that! Maybe they are underpaid? Whoe cares! You want to be a nurse, you will be a nurse w/o tons of loans! Just never taks no for an answer, keep asking other students about everything- you will find out much more this way. I'm sorry for your loss- go take care of the funeral and don't worry! The first part is all boring general crap anyway-the nursing part is more important b/c you need to register. The worst case- you won't get your first preference in clinical site- they have to have enough spots for all students they have accepted! Good luck