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  1. You have to protect yourself.....If she wants the patient to have it, she should give it... Some of these nurses get so deep into their role they tend to forget the important stuff....you were absolutely right and I would have done the same thing..go girl
  2. Asjaia

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time??

    Congradulations to all of you who got that far you should be VERY proud...it's a BIG accomplishment!! The "Pearsonvue trick" doesn't sound reliable but I guess it's worth a shot, especially if you reep the benefit just for mind control if it goes in your favor.. As far as getting only 75-80 questions is a good thing because they didn't have to give you so many questions to see what level you are on..so that in itself you should be confident. As for me, Im from Ohio and today was my last day:bowingpur So now Im waiting on my ATT number and I'm looking forward to all of the anxiety that lies ahead!! GOOD LUCK!!
  3. Asjaia

    Central School Of Practical Nursing (cleveland)

    I feel that CSPN is the best PN school in the neighborhood.I have been in attendance since April 2009 and I am proud to say that I am A proud BLACK young woman who will be graduating in April 2010...Yes there are guidelines and rules that you are expected to follow,but if you can't get past that you are definately in the wrong field..I have job offers waitnig on me already and I am not taking boards for another 4 weeks..If you thought about attending I say go for it. But as we all know, everything isn't for everyone. Me myself..I had a wonderful and challenging experience, learned ALOT and would do it again if I had to make that decision.....GOOD LUCK
  4. its going okay for me,intense though, i like the fast pace.Everyone will be okay as long as we keep our goal in mind and do not fall behind. This is my fourth week. we start clinicals in two weeks,Im ready to learn and get it over with!!!!!!!!