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  1. plus_sign

    Considering a move to Oregon...good job markets?

    Is it equally difficult to find a job when you've got experience? I'm thinking about moving to Portland in January and will have 2 years med/surg nursing under my belt.
  2. plus_sign

    Students at MTSU?

    Just checking back in >1 year later... I've now been an RN for 6 months and I felt MTSU helped me immensely. I am now practicing on a floor of a hospital where it is almost unheard of for new grad nurses to start, and I really couldn't have done it without the cut-above-the-rest education I got at MTSU, seriously. I know it is based on the person, but any new grads from other area schools have been more "lost" and less able to adapt than MTSU grads that I have spoken to and that I've worked with.
  3. plus_sign

    Students at MTSU?

    I'm a 4th semester student currently in the nursing program at MTSU (graduating in December 2010). I cannot give this program enough kudos. With the exception of one instructor who no longer is teaching there, I can truly say that each instructor is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and caring about you as a student, human being, and nurse. Getting in is very difficult, especially because your ACT score is factored in. After you get in, the first semester has sort of a weed-out class, like a lot of programs, and also med-surg in the 3rd semester is EXTREMELY taxing... We started with 75 students and are probably down to about 50 because of the failures, but these results are not normal. Usually I think 10-15 students don't make it to graduation. Anyway, I highly highly HIGHLY recommend the program. I've gotten so much out of it. Even when life is treating you unfairly, your instructors genuinely care for your well-being and only want to see you succeed. I'm very impressed with how knowledgeable the instructors are, particularly in med-surg and critical care. We have a running joke in class that its virtually impossible to stump our instructors with nursing-related questions. I hope this helps.