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  1. Sherry Adkins

    Patho question - hypoalbuminemia

    Can you help me on a question regarding Calcium. I found a formula that is used to determine + justify treatment for Calcium theray. But My question is, Should I be treating the Calcium deficiency or Albumin? If for every 1 gram / dl of Albumin lost results in 0.8 mg / dl of Calium loss. Example says Total Calium level is 8.2 mg / dl Albumin lab says 3 g / dl to take the Total Calcium level Add 0.8 ( for q gram Albumin Lost) will give you the Calcium value if the Albumin level were normal. This seems to me that I should focus on the Loss of the Albumin. Got any input on this, Anyone? Thank you.
  2. Sherry Adkins

    VENT!! Called off and labeled "No Call No Show" LOOONG...

    No mam you were not wrong! Stick to your guns and explain the facts. If they fire you call the board of labor and file a complaint.
  3. Sherry Adkins

    Recession reduces nurse shortage for short-term only

    There is a hiring freeze in the Nashville, TN. area as well for LPN, LVN + RN. Yet I have seen a list of RN's wanted abd Needed in Nashville, TN. This week of April 13, 2009. You might consider contacting facilities in Other States. Here are a few you might be interested in: Saint Thomas Hospital, Skyline Hospital, Baptist Hospiyal also owned by Saint Thomas and Vanderbilt Hosp. Inside Vanderbilt is a specialty hosp. called Vanderbilt Stallworth but they do not pay worth a crap and You pay for Parking in their own building as well. Saint Thomas has a great reputation and IS NPW HIRING RN's. You might want to check in Kentucky in Louiseville a major Medical town. In WV. try Bellefont and Kings Daughters but they are near lots of Nursing schools so pay is barely above minimum wages even for nurses and dont bother applying at Kings Daughters if you smoke they won't even consider you. Hope this Helps.
  4. Sherry Adkins

    Albumin vs Calcuim Tx

    hi everyone. i'm new here and need your assistance with answering a question. i am reading up on electroltes and came across a formula that is supposed to help decide if calcium therapy is needed. my question is should i actually be treating a deficit in my patients albumin or the calcium. here is the formula they had to determine if calcium needs treated. for every 1 gram / dl of albumin lost they state calcium will drop by 0.8 mg / dl. they say 1. take the total calcium level 2. then add 8.0 mg / dl ( for calcium lost = a value, that if in normal range is determined then no treatment is needed. ok. but which should i actually treat the lost albumin or the calcium? thanks everyone. sherry