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  1. alalimarmo

    Nursing Care Plan for Trisomy 18

    Wow....that was my first post and the responses were amazing! !!! Thank you all for your help! Marta and Tanya - i will send you a separate email by tomorrow the latest! i am in my last few weeks of LVN school and have an exam tomorrow! I am looking forward to learning more!
  2. alalimarmo

    Nursing Care Plan for Trisomy 18

    Hi All - I am currently taking a pediatric class and have a presentation on a childhood illness. I have chosen to do trisomy 18 / Edwards Syndrome since it's a topic that we didn't cover in class and thought it would be something different. I watched that youtube video 99 balloons and wanted to show that to my class. The only part that I am having problems with is coming up with a nursing care plan. I have read that survival rate for these babies are not that good since most of them don't live pass their first birthday. I would appreciate any ideas that you may have. Thank you! :)