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  1. thankyou10

    How can I become a mental health nurse in Perth

    Hi Lillian How is your application for mental health nurse? where you able to find a job or have you opted to study mental health nursing? Thanks.
  2. Hi 4vida, have you applied in NMBWA already? Where are you going to apply for your bridging program and when do you intend to start it? Thanks.
  3. Hi Izay. Just want to know about the IELTS requirements QNC require from you since you just received your recent assessment in July? Is it the old (as advised at the time of your application) or new IELTS requirement (which is all 7)? Thanks.
  4. Hi Dudzy. Just want to ask you about 456 visa. Since you had the 456, which allows you to stay for 12 weeks just in time you finish your course, did you apply for extension or you started looking for an RN job before your 456 expired? Also, is it too hard to look for RN jobs in Victoria? Thanks.
  5. Hi Phoenix_Rising. Are you currently doing the CAS Education modules? When did you apply at QNC? Have you received the final assessment? Thanks.
  6. I am currently waiting for the final assessment from QNC. I will let you know as soon as I hear from them. I have asked the same question to 'therooftop'. We'll just have to wait for his/her reply about this matter. Thanks.
  7. Hi ryan09 I have read that you still need to submit IELTS in order to proceed further with your application in QNC. I am just wondering what IELTS scores do you need to submit prior to the new IELTS requirements? Is it the previous IELTS requirement (as advised during your application) or the new requirement which is all 7. Thanks.
  8. Hi! I would like to know the IELTS scores the QNC require from you since you have submitted your application prior to July 1, 2009? Much appreciated. Thanks.