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  1. ynotlpn

    New LPN program in Brandon,Fl?

    I went there myself. According to the advisor, the school is going to qualify for financial aid assistance to be given to students only after it being open one year. That should be around september, according to him. So it may be worth waiting, because 14K is a lot to give back even if it's on installments.
  2. ynotlpn

    CNA skill test in Florida

    Hi, Can anyone, who took the CNA practical skill test in Florida, tell me what parts of the body do you have to include for a partial bed bath? Also what exercises to you have to perform for a lower and upper body ROM? Thank you very much! Eva
  3. ynotlpn

    New LPN program in Brandon,Fl?

    Hey there, Has anyone living in the Tampa Bay area hear of a Brandon Regional Hospital sponsored LPN porgram through Center for Allied Health & Nursing Education? I was checking for LPN schools online and it came up. Their website is really limited. Any info? Thanks