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  1. So 1997 is a long time since I completed my BSN. I'm thinking of taking the NCLEX exam, and the state I live in will allow me to take it one time. I have a job that has me in surgery every day, and pays me very well, so I'm not sure I'll use the RN after getting it, but it would be great to have. Let it me know what you would do in my situation ---- Buckle down, prepare, and take the exam, OR say forget it
  2. grinder

    Developing a Plan for taking the NCLEX-RN

    Update, Haven't touched a thing since my last post. Work got very busy from Apr til June, then I was laid off. Now I have plenty of time and will review Saunders daily for 4 weeks. In late July I will take the Kaplan live course and use the Q-bank following. Hopefully will take the NCLEX sometime in late August. Surprisingly I remember quite a bit, but 12 years since graduation is a long time. Also currently putting out resumes and doing phone and face-to-face interviews, which chews up time each day. Is a very busy time, but if I pull this off it will be a major accomplishment. Reply back and let me know how others in this thread are doing.
  3. grinder

    Developing a Plan for taking the NCLEX-RN

    We are in the same boat, except for me it's 12 years ago. Graduated BSN, never took the NCLEX (long story - different career path), but have decided that I need to finish this part of my education. Currently feel Completely Overwhelmed. I have a review book, just ordered Saunders, and may sign up for Kaplan Live review. My concern is that I may have lost too much of the content or the content changed and I am up a creek. I'll check in on this thread from time to time....