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  1. Tamch

    Phlebotomy class?

    Thank you for thoughts!
  2. Hello! Everyone! I am a new nursing student in the RN program. I read the materials and the textbooks for exams. But for some reason, I have problem during the exams. Any suggestions for how to study for nursing exams. Any Institution helps with tutoring? Please let me know. Appreciate your help so much.
  3. Tamch

    Phlebotomy class?

    What is the best way to study for nursing exam? I always study the powerpoint and read the chapters. But the questions are always off the books. Any suggestions for different method of studying. I would very much appreciate any responses. Thank you
  4. Yes! Its my homework! What are somethings that nurses need to know when someone has septic shock? What do you look for?
  5. What do nurses need to know when someone has septic shock?

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