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  1. nursehopeful33

    Deciding on a nursing progam...

    Hi everyone! I have been debating what type of nursing program I want to pursue, hoping to get some feedback! I just graduated with a business degree and I landed my first job and I'm currently working full-time. With all of my loans coming due I'm realizing that I would be better off paying for my second degree out of pocket without adding to my loans as I'm making as much now as I will be when I come out of school and I'm feeling the financial burden. So I've decided to look at Gwynedd Mercy and Abington Dixon night/weekend programs. However, in light of the awful economy and the competitiveness of the job market in the area, would I be better off going in with both feet at a school like UPenn or Jefferson? I'm curious if these student have had an easier time find jobs. I'm also thinking about my future goals, I really want to work in L&D, PICU or NICU, or maybe all three at some point in my career, do any of these schools make these goals more attainable?? Thanks!!!
  2. nursehopeful33

    Mercer County College

    Hi!! Is anyone here applying or graduate from MCC's evening nursing program? How competitive is it to get in? I plan on applying for Jan 2010 and I will be finishing up all of my pre-reqs this fall. Any new grads out there? How are you guys doing finding jobs? Thanks!!
  3. nursehopeful33

    Starting Out

    I just graduated with a business degree too, I also can't stand it! I'm taking A&P I and nutrition this summer. At my local community college A&P are taught together in the same class which makes sense since form & function go hand in hand. I think you'll be find taking them together especially since you seem like you have the drive to get through it. I've been playing with the idea of becoming a CNA as well, for me financially it doesn't make sense because I'm making more money in business right now and I'd like to pay off as much of my first round of student loans as I can and pay for my nursing degree out of pocket. So now I'm thinking of maybe still getting it and just picking up one shift per week. I've also thought about getting doula certified since I'm really interested in L&D and NICU.
  4. nursehopeful33

    Career change (to an RN) and planning motherhood

    Are two-year RN schools an option for you?
  5. nursehopeful33

    Getting into NYU Accelerated Nursing Program

    I'm also in the process of applying to accelerated nursing programs in the NJ/PA/NY area and I've read a lot about how schools will look at your overall undergrad GPA and your pre-reqs GPA separately (higher pre-req grades can compensate for a lower undergrad cum GPA). I graduated with a finance degree and I did a year-long internship with a pharma company. I know from working there that they hire a lot of nurses for their research departments and also in marketing. I know insurance companies and pharma consulting companies also hire nurses so there are plenty of jobs for those with backgrounds in business! Good luck!
  6. My volunteer experience was pretty much the same. I wore khakis and a polo shirt that was provided by the hospital.
  7. nursehopeful33

    Accounting job first?

    I'm wasting my life away at my desk too, I can't wait to get out! Jobs in accounting are plentiful though, that's probably one of the only fields that is still hiring right now.
  8. nursehopeful33

    Accounting job first?

    I'm currently working for a valuation group and I work with tons of CPA's, particularly auditors. I can't stand it, the work is so bland and definitely not rewarding. Also, in the accounting field I'm in, it's a type of consulting so there are busy weeks and really really slow weeks (not due to the recession). I absolutely can't stand sitting at my desk with nothing to do, so I started researching new career options and so now I'm starting nursing pre-reqs! I just couldn't picture myself crunching numbers the rest of my life, if I have to work, I want to be doing something worthwhile where I know I'm helping people. Nursing is also very versatile, there are so many long-term career options, accounting, not so much...
  9. nursehopeful33

    Not sure if I want to be a nurse

    I just graduated with a degree in finance and I landed my first full-time job after several corporate internships. After a long internal debate I've decided to go back to school for nursing. I'm choosing to do so because it really interests me and I see a much more rewarding and successful career path for myself. I know there are additional perks like flexible hours for when I have a family and a decent salary, but I'm sure if you read enough articles on this forum you'll find that this field, like so many others are no longer secure in terms of job prospects, it's also a long road to become a nurse with a lot of hard work and dedication as well as a big financial investment. In the end I think I'll find myself happier so it will definitely be worth it. My advice to you would make sure you'll have the will power to stay dedicated to the investment you have to make into this career. I know I just started, but I've learned a lot from these forums about what to expect.
  10. nursehopeful33

    Advice for Prospective Pediatric Nurse

    Hi Everyone! I'm hoping for some advice for anyone who has worked in pediatric oncology, PICU and NICU. I will be applying for accelerated BSN programs this summer and I know that I want to work with children. I'm in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area and I've read a lot of posts about new grads having to accept anything they can since the job market is so bad right now. I'm hoping that by 2011 when I graduate, job opportunities will be a little better, but is there any good volunteer work or entry-level health care positions I should try to get involved in to start on the right foot? Externships? Any comments or advice would be much appreciated! I'm a recent graduate with a finance degree and I'm really excited to make the switch after landing my first number crunching job in corporate finance!