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  1. nurse2B444

    Start nursing school with a newborn at home?

    Hey kneusha, Things are going great baby-wise (we are pregs!) and are uneventful job-wise. I will be looking more actively for a job once we make the move to northern VA at the end of this month, but what I hear is not encouraging. I really hope that by the time you get through nursing school the job market is looking better. To be fair, it's not too bad as long as you're not wanting to go into women's health. I think your plan to get the older ones in school is a good one. Then by the time your youngest is going off to school, you'll be graduating and looking for that first job! Best of luck!
  2. nurse2B444

    Start nursing school with a newborn at home?

    Hey there, VolunteerCPR, OP here. I'm graduating in a month and hubby and I are trying to get pregnant now! I'm in my second two-week-wait. We're just going to go with it and I probably won't work for a while, if at all. Thankfully we can afford to do that. My ultimate goal is grad school, for which I only need 1 year of experience (not necessarily as an RN), so hopefully the whole nursing school thing wasn't a complete waste! For anyone else thinking about this - I think it would have been better to get pregnant earlier and deliver right after school. That way you could have a couple months off after school to take NCLEX and be with baby, then start the job hunt for real like 6 months after graduating. That's about when people end up finding jobs anyway, it seems!
  3. Thanks for reading, and any advice! I am halfway through an accelerated BSN program in Virginia right now. I decided to become an RN because I wanted to go the CNM route, instead of pursuing midwifery without a nursing degree. I'm wondering how important it is to have hospital RN experience before applying to programs like Frontier. I have always planned to finish school, get a job, work for a year, and then start at Frontier as soon as possible. However, how DH and I have decided we're ready (emotionally, not necessarily financially) for a baby, and I'm getting more and more scared by reports of people taking MONTHS to find a first job out of school. So, I'm trying to figure out how to fit a pregnancy into my plan of graduate/work/Frontier. Is there any chance I could get into Frontier with 1) less than a year of experience or 2) no experience at all? I'm thinking if I don't find an RN job quickly, I'll volunteer at a DC birth center I used to volunteer in and run their childbirth ed classes, or something similar. To give you more info: I currently have a 3.9 GPA in nursing school, and in my previous degree (neuroscience), I had a 3.2 GPA. I *think* I'm a pretty competitive applicant academically, but are CNM programs generally more concerned with practical experience? Most of all - HELP! I can't push this baby thing back much further and I'm worried I'm going to give up on my dream to become a midwife just so I can have a baby sooner. Anyone with experience with Frontier in particular, or any similar distance program because DH and I will be in the DC area and I can't afford Georgetown LOL. Thank you!:redpinkhe
  4. nurse2B444

    1-1 ratio for nurses

    Oh my gracious this is so awful! No wonder nurses burn out so quickly....
  5. nurse2B444

    Patients refusing assessments

    A lot of people are mentioning that she should just be discharged if she is refusing care. While that is a very valid point, it doesn't sound as though she is refusing all care, because she is being treated with antibiotics, right? If she is able to have benefit from this treatment, she should be able to remain in the hospital. However, this raises the issue of liabilities because if she is remaining in the hospital and developing ulcers because she won't move or turn, does simply documenting the refusals cover the RN/hospitals ass enough? This is a tricky situation. Maybe a psych consult would be appropriate?
  6. nurse2B444

    Start nursing school with a newborn at home?

    rkitty198, thank you for your kind and understanding words! it's hard for everyone these days, and I'm always grateful to have the options I do have available to me - I know many people don't have the luxury of choice, they just have to make it work!
  7. nurse2B444

    Start nursing school with a newborn at home?

    OP here - reading back over these, I'm honestly not sure I made the right decision. I'm 9 months out from graduation right now. I'm a straight A student and I haven't found the program all that challenging. I mean, of course there are stressful days and weeks, but it's not the beast I was expecting. Since we missed our chance to have a baby before school, we're now trying to figure out when it will work best. Our new insurance maternity coverage doesn't start until August, so if I got pg in September, I'd be 4 months pg upon graduating. No one will hire a pregnant new grad. That pushes us back to the indefinite time when I am finally able to find a job. This is easier said than done in the DC/NOVA area where new grad jobs seem to be nonexistent. (We have to stay in DC/NOVA for hubby's job). So, if I can't find a job for (conservatively), 4 months, then wait until the training period is up, that's more than a year from right now. That's pretty much unbearable since our baby fever started over two years ago. Nursing school probably would have been the ideal time to have a baby, in restrospect. Better than trying to fit pregnancy/new mommy time into a new grad first hire situation, when the job market is so terrible. For people struggling with this issue, consider seriously the problem of the new grad job shortage before planning your family around your career.
  8. nurse2B444

    New grads 2011, Northern Virginia/DC, who is hiring?

    I have the same question! Moving up to the DC area at the start of 2012, as a new grad. It seems like INOVA pretty much is not hiring new grads at this point. Anyone working up there have an idea what the starting salary is for a new grad?
  9. thanks everyone for your thoughts. I was afraid it would be that way. It seems as though waiting a full year after graduation is the most sensible choice. That's two years from now though, so I'll definitely try to figure out another way. Possibly not taking a full year off, or returning to work part time would be a better option. A big part of me is afraid of waiting to start a family and then not being able to find a job for a while (people on my floor are still working as techs a year after graduation!!), wasting time that could otherwise be used growing that baby! thanks again!
  10. Hi all, I'm halfway through an 18 month accelerated BSN program. My husband and I have been putting off having a baby because of school. We would like to get pregnant in about six months, so that I would be due about 5 months after graduating. Is that terrible timing? I'd like to take a year off work to stay home with the baby if I can. Will I be hire-able as a pregnant new grad?? Is 5 months post-graduation too soon to stop working for a year - should I just postpone finding a job all together? We can be flexible with the timing, but we really don't want to wait too much longer!! Thank you so much!!
  11. nurse2B444

    Start nursing school with a newborn at home?

    we did decide to wait. we've got a countdown till when we can start trying, and its always hard to wait. but once we made the decision, and it obviously made the most practical sense, it's easier to see the big picture. it'll just be so much easier when school is completely over and we can set up our lives intelligently, not having to consider exams, etc. I'd much rather have my baby be center of attention at all times when I get to be with him/her, not have "baby time" be something I have to schedule around school work. so hard though! If you have a year, maybe you wouldn't have to wait out the full year, just until your 6-7 months out from graduating? I don't know though, people have brought up the possibilities of a difficult pregnancy interfering with your graduation, not to mention a premature baby throwing your calendar off. Also, it doesn't seem like the best idea to go into your job search either very pregnant or with a newborn at home. Could you afford to take some time off after school with a newborn, before you started looking for a job, and would that be detrimental to your newly established skill set? All that being said, it's never "convenient" to have a baby, every new family has to make arrangements and sacrifices; it's just a question of how many you're willing to make. Sorry it that was too much.... it's just all the stuff I've been wrestling with since May.. :-) good luck!
  12. Hi, Thank you all for reading! I have just decided not to attend a Johns Hopkins nursing program that begins in June, due to financial reasons. Since I was intending to go there, I turned down all my other school options that were more reasonable cost-wise. This means I'll be starting school in the summer of 2010, and ending 1 1/2 years later (accelerated program). HERE'S THE CATCH: My husband and I have baby fever. We've been together for 7 years, since we were young, and we feel like we've been waiting ages already. So, I'm strongly considering trying to get pregnant now, and trying this month and next (if we failed to conceive after two months, we would stop trying until after school). This would mean I would have a 2 or 3 month old baby at home when I stared a 1.5 year accelerated program. Now, I'm not an idiot... I know this would be hard, I'm just trying to decide whether or not it would be impossible. The idea of waiting 2.5 years just to start trying makes me want to die inside, but I know it would be the smartest thing to do. While it may seem like I've answered my own question... we're still planning to try this month. I would love to hear from anyone who has done this personally, or known someone who has. I'd obviously love to hear words of encouragement, but I know I'll be getting more harsh doses of reality than kind words. Thank you again!!!:redbeathe:redbeathe
  13. nurse2B444

    BSN School advice? So appreciated... thanks!!

    Thank you so much for your post. I have definitely decided not to go to JH at this point. I hope the VCU program is adequate clinically... it's 5 consecutive semesters, the last 4 of which include clinical components. The school recommends not working during the accelerated program, due to the large number of clinical hours required. So, I hope all of that adds up to a program that will prepare me. Thank you all for your input!:redpinkhe
  14. nurse2B444

    school choice advice... thanks for reading!!

    Thanks to all for your input. I'll just add to clarify: my total debt for JH (including interest) would be 90K (originial tuition costs ~ 62K). I already declined at VCU, which is why I would be waiting a year to go there, plus its a 2 yr. program instead of the 1 year at JH. After a year of working beforehand, I could graduate from VCU with minimal debt. To pshs_2000, thanks for your message! I can't pm you back, I think because I'm a new user, but your advice was very helpful, and I hope I answered some of the confusion above. Thanks again to everyone!:redpinkhe
  15. Hi, thanks for reading! I'm currently having trouble with the decision to turn down admission to Johns Hopkins SON for an accelerated bachelor's. If I turn it down, I won't be paying 90K+ for a BSN (a pro). But I'll also have to wait three more years to graduate, and I'll be going to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), which I don't know much about but I'm sure is fine, if not as prestigious as Johns Hopkins. (a possible con) It seems not to matter where the BSN comes from... is this really true? My ultimate goals are to work as an L&D nurse for a few years while my husband & I start our family, then go on to a midwifery program (most likely Frontier) later in life. I currently have a bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from Oberlin College, which means I already have some loans in repayment! I'm only 22, and the idea of so much debt is overwhelming but I want to make the right decision for my future/career. Am I making a good decision to wait and go to VCU instead of Johns Hopkins? Thank you in advance for any input/advice.