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  1. Family Lives pediatric home health care agency based in Westborough, MA hires new grad RNs and LPNs for less complex cases.
  2. Family Lives in Westborough, MA...pediatric home nursing
  3. jenbptRN

    RN New Grad Programs Just Posted

    :) FYI, a few RN new grad programs/positions that were just posted today on Simply Hired if anyone is interested, limited info, but can google facility for more info: (You can set up a notification on that site so you can be notified of all newly posted new grad jobs/programs) Rn New Grad Catholic Healthcare West Merced, CA Rn - New Grad Float Pool Job Spectrum Health Grand Rapids, MI New Grad Chandler Regional Medical Center Merced, CA Rn New Grad December 2011 Carle Foundation Urbana, IL Rn New Grad N Siena --- Address: 8200 W. Warmsprings Road,Las Vegas, NV
  4. I am a new grad RN who was just terminated from my first job which was at an LTC. I was there 7 weeks and got a high fever one day and was told I shouldn't come in, but was in training so no one had to work for me. Then, worked one shift on my own after orientation and later that week I miscarried and called in for two days due to being in the emergency room and then having surgery. I had documentation for medical treatment for all 3 days but they did not request. The scheduler and nursing supervisor for those days knew why I was out, so I'm assuming the DON knew too. Prior to my next shift night, I received a pamphlet in the mail about how to apply for unemployment...I called and mgmt not available, but was told by another nurse that I'd been terminated by the DON for calling out too much. Still have not talked to mgmt. How do I handle this as far as my resume and applications to new jobs? I have applied to a few jobs since this happened and didn't include it. However, I have read in other threads that this may come back to bite me. Will this show up on a background check? I feel like my nursing career is over before it's begun.
  5. jenbptRN

    Northern Essex Community College (NECC)

    Hi, It's been a crazy and hectic couple of weeks, but loving it. Students and instructors all good so far...LOTS LOTS LOTS of reading...classes interesting and very practical and real world, if that makes sense....labs are all hands on, already learned several skills (vital signs, transferring, wound care, etc.) to use in clinical rotations which start next week! It turns out that three people were called up from the waiting list which is more than I expected...thought you'd like to know that! From what I hear, you really HAVE to ace the TEAS test and get A's or close to it in any prereq math/science classes to have a good chance of getting in....if you have any specific questions about anything, just let me know. Thanks for your good wishes. JENBPT
  6. jenbptRN

    Northern Essex Community College (NECC)

    Hello, I just popped in to see what was happening here...i'd posted a long while back....I'll be starting ADN program at NECC on Sept 9 this year, just over a week away. I'll be back to post any info I find out that may help those applying for next year, etc. Good luck to everyone...just a little tidbit of info...my books were about $800. Yikes. Any questions, let me know. --Jenbpt :)
  7. jenbptRN

    Northern Essex Community College (NECC)

    Thanks so much Phantom....I feel like I won the lottery on this one....do you happen to know how many applied this year? Just curious.
  8. jenbptRN

    Northern Essex Community College (NECC)

    In response to prior posts wondering about acceptance, etc., I recently was accepted for Fall 09 nursing at NECC after applying for the first time. I understand I am extremely fortunate. My grades were all A's (GPA 4.0) for those courses I've taken at NECC (only a few, including A&P 1 and A&P 2). My TEAS scores were very high, 100, two in the 90s, and one in high 80s. At informational session for nursing, they mentioned that TEAS scores (especially math section) as well as science course grades were very strongly considered. Good luck to everyone.
  9. jenbptRN

    Northern Essex Community College (NECC)

    note to tanyaleex3 ----- you have not actually been accepted into the nursing adn program for the fall 09....you have only completed one portion of the requirements that must be done before actually formally applying to the program. signing up for general studies: nursing is only one step on the way to applying. you must also take the teas test and complete prerequisite courses successfully, submit transcripts from other schools, etc. call advising dept at necc and they can explain in more detail. i got the same letter as you a couple of years ago....sorry.