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    February NCLEX Test Takers....

    I just took my exam this morning. I had 75 questions, and it took about an hour. I felt confident during the exam after a few questions, and did the PearsonVue trick and did not go all the way (was relieved when I saw the popup). A lot of SATA questions (more than 10, it was like one after every two questions), and some drug questions(some were familiar, some were not) towards the end. I did Kaplan question trainers 1-4, and watched LOD videos. no Qbank. I did Saunders, about 500qs, and Davis (I didn't like the book at first due to lack of contents, but came to realize it had pretty good questions. So I finished the pre-test(500qs), maternity, peds, and psych. I studied for about one and a half months, and am very happy that I am done with it. I think Kaplan in general has more twisted, harder questions than real NCLEX does. I did score around 60-70, but I think you shouldn't be discouraged by your Kaplan test scores :) Real NCLEX questions made more sense to me, anyway. Paul