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    Affidavit and drug samples

    Will try to make this question as quick and simple. A nurse friend of mine is going through a divorce. One of the questions asked on her discovery papers was what prescription drugs have you acquired without a prescription, how many have you taken and how did you acquire them. She put down five or six different drugs, really none of them narcotic in nature, wrote in a few low numbers of what she took, and stated she acquired them as work sample. She thought it would be better to just list them since her husband probably knew about this (hence the question on the discovery papers). Scary part is that she does not seem worried about it since she thought none of them were serious drugs and the total taken were so low. I am not a nurse but putting your signature on a signed affidavit stating this could be trouble down the road for her? Am I missing something. Since they are not "serious" drugs and just samples would the hospital just blow it off if they were to find out? Thanks