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  1. CGB1

    Non productive overtime

    Nurses are way too important to work for free.....just saying.
  2. CGB1

    Nurse Sick and FIRED: Exploring Nursing Absenteeism

    This is a prime example of why nurses need unions. Allowing the suits and clipboards to dictate working conditions and policies leads to punitive cultures.
  3. CGB1

    Liability insurance

    Just wondering how many of you carry your own liability/malpractice insurance. I have always done so working non-government hospitals. I just finished my first year at the VA and I was looking at renewing my NSO insurance, but all the coworkers I have spoken to do not carry their own. Any opinions. Thank you!
  4. I am knee deep in the hiring process, which is very lengthy and I have to say, I am getting a bit frustrated with it. I know a number of nurses working at the VA and they all seem to love it. I am an employed critical care nurse and interviewed three months ago. I guess my question is it worth jumping through all the fiery hoops?
  5. CGB1

    ICU thinking about ED

    I work in a busy teaching hospital in a Medical ICU. Lately I have been thinking about checking out the ED. I am sure everywhere has its stress, we are dealing with sick and or trying to die people, but I find myself getting burned out on the chronic and often futile care in the ICU. Any thoughts? Guess it can't hurt to shadow.
  6. CGB1

    Considering Travel

    Thank you so much for your thorough reply. I very much appreciate it, and it is very useful to me. There is a great deal to consider, and I am grateful for those willing to share their experience.
  7. CGB1

    Considering Travel

    I am a ICU nurse in a large northeast teaching hospital. I just got my AZ license, and I am working on CA (I will be there Monday on vacation for a week and I am going to livescan). I have a house costing about 1300/month mortgage/taxes. I consider selling it. I am in CT and have never been in love with the state. I guess my question is; does anyone travel without a tax home? If so, is the tax hit so substantial that it is no longer worth it? Yes, I am in it for travel and adventure, but money is also important, no? Also, if you do not have a permanent residence how do you maintain a drivers license and voting stuff? Anyway, I thank you for your time in reading this and any experience, insight or advice you could give me. Cheers!!
  8. I am about to start the arduous process of CA licensing. My schools send sealed transcripts that you order online, but it looks like California wants a form sent to the schools and then to them. Is this really necessary, or will the BON process the application if I just have my transcripts sent? Thanks for any experience you are willing to share regarding this process!
  9. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I just sent AZ my application for license by endorsement.
  10. I work in a large east coast teaching hospital. I have worked medicine floors for two years and going into my third year working in a medical ICU. I have been thinking about a move to Flagstaff. I love the area. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or comments on job availability and pay. I know the cost of living is high. It is very high here as well. Best wishes to all my fellow nurses!!
  11. CGB1

    May be moving to Denver, where should I apply?

    I am very interested to hear replies to this. I am an RN at a large teaching hospital in CT. I have two years on a busy med/surg/infectious disease floor and currently have spent the last year in medical ICU. I have been thinking of a move to CO. I used to live in California, bay area, and though the pay is great the cost of living is out of site. I have always loved CO. The rockies are gorgeous. I was wondering what the pay is like for RN's with experience and the job market too.
  12. CGB1

    Doing More With Less

    Ever hear this mantra in the hospital setting? I am currently in a very busy MICU and they expect that we will be able to do more with less, which includes caring for two patients when one of them should be a one to one. Frankly, I give all I have. Maybe it's time to go back for that MSN. Doing more with less also includes hiring freezes. This equals that I will be allowed 7 shifts off all year even though I have a plethora of PTO. Guess I will have to do some strategic call outs. And this is a a large, reknowned teaching hospital. When will nurses ever control the profession?
  13. I love being a nurse, yet I fundamentally disagree with the just be happy to have a job crowd. The RN isn't just working a job, we are fulfilling a professional role with our primary responsibility being our patients. If the situation in hospitals, whether it be staffing, mandatory overtime (that is manipulated for non-emergent situations) or pay and benefits for our profession does not reflect our commitment to pt safety and outcomes, then yes we should complain. Who we complain to is the question. And how we complain. A lone voice or a collection of over 3 million colleagues.
  14. CGB1

    Highest nursing burnout areas?

    This is a great question. I have only been an RN for a year and four months, and I find myself getting fried already on a med-surg floor. All the rooms are single, so either patients are on contact, or they often have some behavioral issue that makes it so they can not be cohorted. I find I often spend more time dealing with behavioral problems than actually tending to the physical reasons for admission. I think the fact that it is a teaching hospital doesn't help either. With the next batch of residents and students constantly making order errors and what not, the frustration can become overwhelming. I think the comment about how a floor is run is so true. Real support and hands on management could make a difference for sure. This is my first nursing job, and I feel like I will tough it out for another year, but after that I really want to move away from med-surg. I am debating ED or ICU. I am sure those environments are stressful as well, but I feel that once I start expanding my skill set in a new environment I will become reinvigorated. Good luck in your career
  15. CGB1

    What does it take to earn respect?

    I am sorry to hear that people are being abused like that. I am a nurse of only one year, and a guy. I have not seen this kind of behavior, but I wouldn't tolerate it, nor would I tolerate an MD speaking to a coworker like that. I think if you have a disrespectful doc on the floor and he is yelling at a nurse, all your co-workers should gather around stand behind that nurse, fold their arms and just stare at him/her. Don't say a thing. Just....stare. I think it would fizzle out quick. We need each others backs. We are the frontline.