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scg08rn specializes in Sub Acute Rehab/ Oncology Med-Surg.

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  1. scg08rn

    PICC removal

    I was taught that you measured the catheter and made sure the tip is intact.
  2. scg08rn

    What's wrong with kids today? (and I'm not even that old)

    The hospital is scary for all age groups, and the environment where you usually sleep in is not where you are at that time, I can understand. I'm in my almost mid-20s and have been hospitalized in my late teens and I felt like I was all out of routine in a scary place. We are getting a lot of 18 - 25 years old with overdosing or attempted overdosing. I had a patient that was 22, grandmother at his side FEEDING him soup, rubbing his back, he was in for cocaine withdrawal. I guess every family situation is different, but I know if I touched drugs or got hospitalized for anything to deal with drugs, my grandmother wouldn't be feeding me soup or rubbing my back, I'd get "the" lecture until the cows came home.
  3. scg08rn

    Am I freak for charting meds as I pull them?

    Never sign before actually administering the med! what if you walk in the room and the patient is unresponsive or critical change in status? I used to work sub-acute rehab, the sister of long term care, i used to put a very small dot in the box where i am to sign the med as i poured it in the cup. Also, I saved the wrappers and put them in order on the top of the cart so I can easily check to make sure I gave it and signed as I discarded it. This comes with time and a good practice and routine. Don't get yourself down the wrong track that can be harmful to your patients and your license. I never pre-poured meds, if I did, I kept them in the wrapper and checked one last time as I opened them to the order in the MAR.
  4. scg08rn

    Do you shower right after your shift?

    being a zombie after 7p-7a, i still take a shower. with dial soap.
  5. scg08rn

    This is making me nervous

    It may be legal. I wouldn't agree to doing it. I would also emphasize quality of care. I'm sure most of the rehab patients don't turn themselves every two hours. It's hard to do cares/ADLs by yourself. How about a boost in bed when it's med time? Can't swallow pills if they are laying by the foot of the bed and can't move themselves..
  6. scg08rn

    do you put patient teaching in a nurses note?

    Some facilities have a checklist, however, if the teaching is related to risky AND safety behavior (falls, DM teaching, etc), I would defiantly write a short note. Doesn't hurt to cover your behind twice!
  7. scg08rn

    Jevity from liquid to coagulation consistency

    jevity is very thick! Try to see if you can increase the amount of flushes throughout the day, that might help.
  8. scg08rn

    Ah, the things we say when we're tired

    What about putting a percocet in a medicine cup, and pouring water right into the medicine cup instead of a regular cup? Last night I had a fall, grabbed the chart, called the family telling them what happened, come to realize it was the wrong patient, wrong chart. I wasn't 1000% tired, still beginning of the shift, but just completely irritated and distracted. I felt like an __.
  9. scg08rn

    Wanted to get everyone's opinion--regarding hipaa

    the only way he could look through the chart is if he is the primary doctor caring for the patient. even if he was a poa or decision maker, he would probably need to get permission from administration to get copies of the chart. this is as far as i know and the safest way to go. you can't sit there with a poa or contact or whomever and go through the chart with them, there is no time.
  10. scg08rn

    ****** if you do and ****** if you don't

    what about good samaritan law?
  11. scg08rn

    Unclogging a g-tube

    i googled "how to unclog a gtube" and those steps are at this website http://www.ehow.com/how_5135339_unclog-gtube-feeding-tube.html the website gives instructions for home care use.
  12. scg08rn

    Unclogging a g-tube

    Coke, ginger ale.. flushing with cranberry juice once in awhile to keep it going. i encountered a nurse's who held the gtube at the base (by the stoma) and milking the contents towards the opening of the tube. this way isn't all that safe, you can accidentally pull the tube out.
  13. scg08rn

    Question about holding meds

    i wouldn't have held the medication if the bp is wnl.. doesn't make sense. a doctor should always be notified if a medication is held or refused. if the bp is wnl now, in an hour it may not be because the medication wasn't given. if a bp is running low, maybe the medication has to be adjusted.
  14. scg08rn

    medications at bedside

    where i work, the state came in for medications being left at the bedside (a patient reported it to the ombudsman..). it is not acceptable, and the nurse who left them at the bedside will be terminated. it is not safe, somebody else can come in and take them. if any medications are left at bedside without a doctor's order, the nurse will be immediately terminated. kinda harsh, thankfully i'm not one to do it.. i like to throw out the medication cup after all medications are taken. and even if medications are left at the bedside, what if the patient takes them and ends up choking and no one is around? the best answer would be to remove them, find out who left them, and report it to the supervisor.
  15. scg08rn

    need answer asap regarding peg tube

    i thought a peg tube had to be changed by a doctor, or is it by policy of the institution/regulations of the state? i know if a peg tube comes out, inserting a foley cath will keep the stoma open.
  16. scg08rn

    Blood glucose levels in Diabetic Patients

    every diabetic is different. i've seen people unresponsive in the 50s but somebody talking with a cold sweat in the 40s. every diabetic is different. it all depends on the patient and how their body responds to insulin. i've seen a blood sugar of 154 and gave 2 units of novolog according to the sliding scale and they dropped down to 70 even with a snack within an hour.