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  1. Hi, I am starting my pre reqs at Alpena this fall. Anyone else on here starting this fall? Any current nursing students at Alpena with thoughts on the program?
  2. Ok, so here's the deal. If you feel strongly about this write to your elected officials and let them know cause I gaurantee they think there are loads of nursing jobs out there with no US citizens to fill them. I am pretty new to the nursing world, is there any kind of Lobbying organization for nurses in Washington? If not there really should be. (I can't believe I just said that there should be more special interest lobbiests in DC) :)
  3. I guess I don't understand how who we blame for the recession justifies giving jobs to nurses from foreign countries when our own new grads can't get hired. Guess I don't get the logic of that. I have looked all over Fox's site for the segment but I cannot find it. I should have DVRed it.
  4. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the woman Gretchen was interviewing. I will see if I can find the segment on youtube or someplace.
  5. Ellean55 - I think several people have stated that the foreign (to the US ) nurses are not at fault. The hospitals and recruiters are taking advantage of the situation. The fact is that the economy in this country is in bad shape and our hospitals should be employing our citizens first. Our economy won't improve until we start taking care of our citizens first. And before you start accusing me of being pro-union and being out on picket lines let me tell you that my husband is a white collar automotive employee (at least he was until he got laid off ) I blame the auto union for a big portion of the Big 3's problems so I am not a Ra-Ra go Union person. I just think that jobs in US hospitals should not be filled by foreign nurses when there are so many new grads who can't get a job. Do you honestly think it is ok that they are doing that? I guess I am curious to understand your logic.
  6. Thanks for merging the threads Brian, I screwed up and thought my first one had not posted. Oops! :)
  7. I tried to find an article on the website yesterday but could not. It was on Fox and friends on April 28. The gist of the story was that there is and will be a massive shortage and that the US needs to make it easier to bring foreign (I'm not being insulting here, I just mean people who are not US citizens) nurses to the US. I just found it so one sided and disconcerting that I had to make sure people knew about it. I think the best thing to do is write your representatives in congress. They probably don't even know what is really happening in the nursing field.
  8. Did anyone else see Fox & friends report on the nursing shortage this morning? They said there are currently 135,000 unfilled nursing positions in the US. They also spoke with a woman (I assume she's a recruiter) who is trying to get legislation passed to make it easier to hire foreign nurses to fill these positions. I have a real problem with this because those positions should be going to new grads who are US citizens first. I keep seeing that new grads can't find jobs because they lack experience. No offense to any nurses from other countries but it seems to me that our own new grads should be employed first before we allow foreign nurses to make up the difference. I think we need to make our elected officials aware of what the real state of nursing is not this media created delusion. I think there really is a shortage but the hospitals, like everyone else, are tightening thier purse strings. We need to make sure our legislators know that there are new grads trying to get into these unfilled positions but they are not being given the chance. Send your governor, representative and senators an email and let them know! They should make incentives available to hospitals for hiring new grads not make it easier to hire foreign workers!
  9. I was watching Fox and Friends this morning and they had a report about the 135,000 unfilled nursing positions open in the US. They talked about the projection that by 2015 there will be a 500,000 person shortage and that US schools don't have enough faculty to accept all the applicants they get each year. They also talked with a recruiter who was pushing for legislation to make it easier for foreign nurses to come here and fill those jobs. What they didn't talk about was the hiring freezes and the lack of hiring of new grads that is going on right now. I emailed them to point out that they missed this aspect of the story. 135,000 unfilled positions and they won't fill them with new grads! It seems to me that the legislation that needs to occur would be to ensure that US citizens get these jobs not foreign nurses. No offense to nurses from other countries, I'm sure you are good people who are very qualified but this country is in an economic crisis and we CANNOT allow these jobs to go to foreign workers when there are new grads who are citizens who can't get a job. If you are concerned about this write to your Representatives, Senators and Governor and make sure they know the real situation. I think many of the people "in charge" are unaware that new grads are being turned away from jobs because they don't have that "one year of experience". We need to take care of our own citizens first!
  10. Danih3000

    New Grads, A Few Words of Encouragement

    Some thoughts on the hiring freeze from someone who is just starting out. I have been looking at all the posts on the current freeze for the last few weeks trying to decide what to do. I will be starting on my pre reqs this summer. My husband has been laid off from automotive and we are both making major career changes ( I am a stay at home Mom) After all the media and Mich government reports about nursing shortages I decided that nursing was what I wanted to do. As I began looking into schools I also began hearing about hiring freezes and the lack of jobs for new grads. Needless to say I was worried that I was making a bad choice! After reading many posts here and elsewhere I have decided to continue. It seems that about once a decade there is a down cycle in nursing. Many new grads seem to be questioning the "shortage" everyone talks about but I have to say the numbers support it. The freeze isn't because hospitals have plenty of staff it's because of the economy. Hospitals are just making current staff deal with things for the moment until the economy picks up. The fact is that the baby boomers are going to need more care and many nurses will be retiring because they themselves are baby boomers!! Hospitals will HAVE to hire more nurses to handle the load. I know it's easy for me to say this because I have yet to incur any debt for school and if I where a current new grad I would probably not be so calm but I think new grads just have to be open to all the options out there to get that 1 yr of experience. Don't hold yourself back by thinking you HAVE to stay in your current area! You can move to another area, you can move to another country! I have kids and a husband and we have already decided that we will go wherever we have to when I graduate. You have to be open in this economy. You've already gotten through school you don't have anything to be afraid of! Things will turn around and I think, for those of us just going into to the programs, it will be much easier to get a job when we graduate than it is now. So if, like me, you are just getting started don't be afraid to continue. Nursing is something that can't really be outsourced or ever go away and it's one of the few careers that truelly, physically makes a difference in people's lives. So new grads and new students be encouraged! You have not made a mistake, it will be ok!:spin:
  11. Danih3000

    A question for Michigan nurses

    Another question. Does anyone know what Alpena's placement rate is for RN graduates? I am hoping to start up there in the fall on my prereq's and hopefully I'll be able to get a spot in Fall 2010. I just worry that a degree from Alpena might not be looked on as favorably down in SE Mich as some of the schools down here. I would hope that isn't the case cause what you know should mean more than where you went to school but you never know how people are going to be.
  12. Danih3000

    A question for Michigan nurses

    I am thinking about attending Alpena for the nursing program too. I actually live in SE Mich but all the nursing schools around here are waitlisted for 1 1/2 - 2 years. My in laws live near Alpena so I thought I'd give it a shot. I have a BS from another school so my basics should be covered. I would only need the LPN and RN classes I think. Is there a wait to get into the Level 1 classes? What about Level 2? Any info you guys have would be helpful!