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  1. When I entered the BSN-DNP program I wish I would have asked for the DNP Project Guidelines from the school. Perhaps I should have asked for this prior to applying. Because while all DNP programs are accredited and must comply with the accrediting body requirements, they can vary in the type of projects they allow students to complete for their DNP Capstone. So, for instance, a few of my friend who attends the local school are allowed to do a retrospective study or education only study for their project, while my school, University of South Alabama will not. Finding out as you enter the DNP program especially when the program is an integrated program can result in a waste of time and money because you have already completed a handful of courses towards your DNP. Also, it's important to find out how the DNP part of the program is structured. At one of the local schools, you don't progress until your project has been approved which is nice because your not restricted to a semester timeline which can create a vicious cycle of repeating courses. It seems to have caused many students in the BSN-DNP track to drop the DNP part after receiving their MSN. I just find it odd that prestigious schools are approving projects that my school is rejecting. I am interested in hearing what others have experienced with DNP programs.
  2. Decemberblues

    University of South Alabama AHN 548

    Hey RachelLeeRN Did you ever get that syllabus or anyone of the AHN ones? looking for them myself, and would appreciate it if you can send them to me. thanks so much
  3. I am in need of preceptors in tye Oregon, specifically Portland area....anyone have ideas how I can find one?
  4. Decemberblues

    Usa dnp curriculum anyone?

    Hello allnurses Looking for previous current prospective USA ban to DNP program individuals with insight on curriculum, syllabus for the program. Particularly Emergency (Family/Adult Acute Dual Role) NP track. Please email me as I don't have clearance to pm. Mercedes_Adam@yahoo.com Thanks!
  5. Decemberblues

    Unpaid Internship

    Dear Tricia and Dixie Redhead, in case you didn't read the part where I clearly noted that this would be the individuals' personal choice in order to gain entrance and start their career. What difference does it make if you are unemployed versus if you are completing unpaid internship that may most likely land you into a paid position.
  6. Decemberblues

    Unpaid Internship

    is it legal for a fairly new graduate nurse with personal professional insurance request to complete an unpaid internship from hospitals/health care facilities? I know this sound ridiculous, but if new graduate nurses are willing to go through a 3-6 months internship unpaid, chances are the facility will hire them on after and if they don't they have 3-6 months or so of training that will make then better candidates when applying elsewhere. Clearly all the proper documents must be signed to protect the hospital from any liability related to unpaid employees. It just seems like This option will save the hospital some money (as most hospital say that the reason they don't hire new graduates is because it cost too much money to train them)...if part of that cost (paying the interns) is cut, shouldn't it be more likely that they can hire new grads? There must be some legal clause? otherwise many hospital will offer the option? Anyway have experience or know of an explanation to this?
  7. Decemberblues

    What do you think?

    I have been thinking about the new nurses coming out of school and how much more difficult it has become to find nursing work let alone go into the area you are interested in working. I graduated in December 2010, and have worked odd jobs and landed in a school nurse position, which is not the area I even dreamed of going into...the pay is crap ( i make the same as I did before I went to nursing school) and you spend most of your days doing paper work..it's like the ideal job for when i retire and want to do something low key. But then again some people enjoy that; it's a preference thing. Anyways getting to my point. Is it fair that schools continue to offer nursing programs, making it sound like there's such a nursing shortage and plenty of job out there and students will find job immediately after graduation or is it the personal choice of the individual? I think it's completely misleading. What I think should happen is that schools should be required to hold off on offering programs, whatever new graduate positions are left out there should be used to recruit the currently un-employed new nurses and continue to recruit the experienced nurses. Because really what's the point of a future shortage (as they say) if comes the time when we are in a disaster and REALLY need nurses you have a bunch of inexperience nurses running around because they were unable to find a job after graduating? I know some may say well like everything else it's competition, however this to me is beyond competition...having 900 some odd new graduate nurses apply to an internship program where only 20 are hired is a bit ridiculous and I just feel bad for the new graduates coming out...
  8. Decemberblues

    Not a big fan of phone interviews...

    I had my first interview face to face,got tons of compliments from the interviewing panel, then did my second interview over the phone and bummed it! let's just say I never got the job :) oh well.
  9. Decemberblues

    Class Website/File sharing Options?

    http://www.box.net/ we used this quite a bit during nursing and it worked well...someone will need to set up an account and share the login and password info with the rest of your class.
  10. Decemberblues

    DNP PNP programs

    I would love it if there was a DNP guide of some sort that illustrates the length of each program and requirements. Some programs are like 3 years long and others are 5 years....some require BSN + MS prior to application, while other accept BSN-DNP. does anyone know of a genuine site were this info can be obtained?
  11. Decemberblues


    anyone have input, hints, whatever else you could offer for HESI exam V1? I actually believe that all versions 1 would be the same and all version 2 would be the same, but I could be way off. my thought it if they're dispatching this almost nationally, then it'd be easier to have a system like that. anyways ANYTHING would be helpful. so far I think I'm doing the right things, like I own about 3 or so HESI/NCLEX books/CDs what nots so I'm using that. I just have no direction on where to focus as there's so much! how many questions are there by the way. I wish they would offer a BLUE PRINT...so ridiculous. I guess NCLEX DOESN"T offer a blue print but this test what I have heard from other colleagues is harder than the NCLEX. well I'm going to make pancakes. Hope to here form someone either here or via my email mercedes_adam@yahoo.com (underscore between mercedes and adam). I really think for those that need a little something extra, if we come together we'll hopefully get through it.
  12. Decemberblues

    Exit HESI tutor DFW Area

    I don't have PM privileges, can you email me at Mercedes_adam@yahoo.com? (underscore between the two names) with some help? I have to take version 1 soon. thanks!
  13. Decemberblues

    Anyone know how many HESI Exit exam versions there are??

    I can't PM because I haven't posted 15 times/posts on here....please email me at mercedes_adam@yahoo.com (underscore between the mercedes and adam). thanks!
  14. Decemberblues

    Anyone know how many HESI Exit exam versions there are??

    I can't seem to be able to PM you, I have to take Version1 soon, if you're able to provide pointers I would appreciate it. since I have yet to take it I have no idea what I can provide to aide in your success; however I have done tons of research and here's where I have found free HESI practices: Hesi Exit Common Themes / Flashcards - Create Free Flashcards & Achieve Your Dream ... Become A Nurse ...: HESI (which this one scroll to the bottom and download the doc that ends with .exe and then follow the instructioins at the top for if it says there are no more liscenses.) if you're able to email me some pointers, send it to mercedes_adam@yahoo.com (there's an underscore between the mercedes and the adam)
  15. Decemberblues

    MSN (PNP, CRNA, NNP) Admissions

    I am currently in a BSN program and I went into it knowing that it was a pathway for me to get to either a PNP, NNP or CRNA career. Prior to nursing school i graduated with a B.S. in Public Health: Emphasis on health promotion and health behaviors. Upon inquiring on the above programs, i have received a number of different responses. Does anyone have information on how much experience (minimum) you need to have to apply to either of the following programs? I know with CRNA and NNP they prefer longer periods of clinical experience in critical care, however "ideally" i would love to be able to get out of nursing school and apply to a PNP program. Would this be a waste of money or do I have a chance? Thanks!

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