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  1. sandyman50

    requirement for CRNA

    As you know, the field of medicine/nursing changes fairly rapidly. Recent experience would be best. Get yourself as proficient with all of the drugs, ventilators, invasive lines/techniques as possible. I would also suggest that you try to make some arrangements with one of the CRNA's in your facility to shadow him/her for a few days if possible.
  2. sandyman50

    Need Advice (new program) Clarkson College CRNA - Fall 2010

    First off, the accreditation process is fairly rigid and the program either meets the criteria or it doesn't. As with any new program, there will be some kinks that will need to be ironed out over time. Personally, I would want to wait for one "cycle" before applying to a new program. Let them get at least one calss through the program. I would consider applying for the second class but not the first. Just my personal opinion. Good luck in your endeavors... it will be worth it.