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  1. Rash triage

    Hello fellow nurses. I work in a community clinic, but I'm sure this issue comes up in a variety of care settings. When a patient checks in with the receptionist with a complaint of rash, they are asked to wait outside, and a nurse goes out to tria...
  2. Per diem LTC nursing

    Hello everyone, I'm interested in doing per diem/on-call work for long term care facilities. It's work that I am familiar with and feel comfortable doing on a per diem basis. Any ideas how to do this? I live in Sonoma County and have little to no ...
  3. How far to too far to drive?!!

    Hello, I'm new to hospice nursing and am just learning about all the unique challenges of the job. I don't believe any of our patients are over 1 hour away. However, the philosophy is that if no other agency is serving that particular geographic ar...
  4. Looking for a new grad program

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for new grad programs in California. The area where I live isn't hiring many new grads. Does anyone know of places that are?