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  1. Hello All, I need your help! I have been researching salaries for Clinical Research Nurse positions in Charlotte, NC and the ranges that I've found on several websites and info from SOCRA are much higher than the salary range where I'm interviewing. I have not received an offer yet so I don't know what they will offer in their range. What is a typical real world salary in this city for a Clinical Research Nurse with zero research experience but a few years of Oncology nursing experience? Also, have you all been successful in negotiating your salaries in this field at hospitals? Salary by no means is a deal breaker, however, I have been in a position before where I did not negotiate and later found I was paid lower than co-workers with similar backgrounds. It wasn't a good feeling...I want to be sure to be paid for my experience, education, and what I bring to the table...my worth. This is a career I am so excited about starting and I want to start out on the right foot! :) Thanks for your help, NICU1209
  2. NICU1209

    Neonatal NP advice

    Thanks babyRN, however, my family and I aren't in a position to move right now, but thanks for the tip. LaynaER, thanks for the great advice. I will start looking in those departments as well. I just want to learn and I love working with newborns, so any opportunity the becomes available I will be all over it! Thanks again to the both of you, I knew I would get some great advice from my allnurses family! :) Thanks again, NICU1209
  3. NICU1209

    Neonatal NP advice

    Hello Everyone, I have decided to start the process of becoming a Neonatal NP, however, my research says I have to have 2 years NICU experience. I've been a RN for 15 months and the NICU has always been my calling, but I've not been able to get a job on the unit as of yet. I've been told that they are only seeking experienced NICU nurses...my question is how to gain experience without having experience? I've even been told we take New Grads...so of course I fall in the middle of no longer being considered a New Grad and not having experience. I believe the NICU is where God called me to be so I'm still pursuing my passion but I just wanted to know from the experienced NICU RNs any advice to get my foot in the door. I'm willing to work my way up and I'm very eager to learn. It just feels like a slap in the face to hear we hire New Grads and are you sure you have to have 2 years NICU experience to get your NP? I'm not giving up but I wanted to reach out to my Allnurses family because I know I'll get such great advice on how to proceed. Thanks for everything, NICU1209
  4. NICU1209

    My heart belongs to the Neonates and I need your help!

    Thank you llg for your advice/confirmation. NICU1209
  5. Hello everyone, So, I am in need of the awesome support and advice of my fellow allnurses members! For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a NICU nurse. I took the initiative to obtain my NRP prior to graduating thinking this would give me a leg up on other fellow new grads entering the NICU. The only Children's Hospital in my area had very limited "New Grad" NICU positions, which as you can imagine, was very competitive. Unable to secure a job at the Children's Hospital I relocated to another state and received a job on an Adult Med-Surg unit. I have been on the unit for 6 months now and while I love being a RN I have concluded that Adult Med-Surg is not my cup of tea...patient to nurse ratio is ridiculous and I really don't like working with adults. However, all things considered, I look at everything in my life as a learning experience and I am learning a lot, but my heart and passion are with the neonates. Here's where I need your help. I really want to follow my heart and as I research NICU positions of the two Children's Hospitals in my area, experience is required! How do I pursue a career in NICU even if there is not a posting for an open position...can a RN volunteer at a hospital system they are not employed with...specifically in the NICU? Is it okay to contact the Nurse Manager of the NICU and discuss career opportunities... if so is it better to send an old fashion letter or telephone call? How do I gain experience if I've never worked there...will working in Mom/Baby or the Nursery help? My goal is to obtain my NPP and I'm willing to work my way up. Thanks for any advice I truly appreciate it, NICU1209
  6. NICU1209

    NCLEx-RN study buddy testing MARCH 2010

    Good Monday Morning Fellow March NCLEX takers, So, yesterday my husband and I decided to create a schedule for the entire week. I think this is a great week to help me stay focused throughout the week not only with my personal/family life, but very importantly with my NCLEX preparation. I've told myself to be flexible in that the schedule is just a guide (this makes it less stressful...not too rigid ). Regarding NCLEX prep...everyday I start my day with a daily devotional, eat breakfast (very important...don't skip this), then I set aside 3 hours of Saunders studying by first answering end of the chapter quizzes and if I make 75% I move on to the next chapter. I also took the HURST Review course and if I make I also take a break every hour of studying...just to get up and stretch...go potty...you know, keep my brain awake! Also during the 3 hours I have penciled myself a snack time...gotta feed the brain! After the first 3 hours I step away from it all for about an hour and have lunch...either watch a little TV or jump on the internet...just something that has absolutely nothing to do with nursing...if I can stay away from Allnurses.com:lol2: Then I finish up the day with 1 hour of questions...remembering to read all of the rationales. Oh, forgot to add a very important part of my day...I have included exercise either in the morning or evening...depending on if hubby is working out with me that day (this is also a very important tip...thanks the.godfatherXIII ) Again, I pray many blessings to all of you during this transition in our careers. May GOD continue to bless you all! Thanks, NICU1209
  7. NICU1209

    Saunders Comp NCLEX-RN 3rd Edition...too old?

    Great thank you Passion4people and +one.... I was actually gifted with the 4th edition on Wednesday evening and started using it yesterday...didn't even think of comparing them .... LOL Thanks, NICU1209
  8. NICU1209

    Failed NCLEX RN

    Nthomp14, Here is a very inspirational post from a fellow allnurses member... I think this will help to motivate you in not giving up. Just believe in yourself...you've made it this far don't stop now! Many blessings to you! https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/i-passed-ever-379209.html Thanks, NICU1209
  9. NICU1209

    I PASSED!!!!!!

    :ancong!: NIC1209
  10. NICU1209

    NCLEx-RN study buddy testing MARCH 2010

    Mylo56312, I want to share these two scriptures of faith with you...meditate on them and pray about it, because prayer changes things! Hebrews 11:1 (NIV) "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." 2 Corinthians 5:7(NIV) "We live by faith, not by sight." May God bless you and ease your troubled heart and mind...in Jesus' name, Amen! NICU1209
  11. NICU1209

    NCLEx-RN study buddy testing MARCH 2010

    the.godfatherXIII...thanks for the advice... I was soooo sleepy today...had to take a quick power nap because I couldn't get anymore information to go into my brain...LOL:D Thanks, NICU1209
  12. NICU1209

    Need help with creating a study schedule

    Thank you Silverdragon, :) NICU1209
  13. NICU1209

    Saunders Comp NCLEX-RN 3rd Edition...too old?

    Thanks RN2Be143
  14. NICU1209

    NCLEx-RN study buddy testing MARCH 2010

    AMEN!!!! What an awesome prayer...To GOD be the glory! Thanks, NICU1209