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  1. shan1176

    Need some advice!!

    I was given a list of offenses but with the offense I have it does not appear to be one that will prevent me from getting license. I am just trying to find out what else I can do or who else I should talk to. I was given the Dean's phone number. Should I call her?
  2. shan1176

    Need some advice!!

    Hi, I have been attending CSCC for 3+ years now. I had applied for the nursing program. Well I was supposed to start next week and a couple of weeks ago I was called in due to my background check. I had a Receiving stolen property and theft charge both of which are from the same offense. These charges are over 14 years old. I was 18 at the time, it was a stupid mistake. So basically as of right now I am barred from continuing on in the program. I contacted the BON and I was told that they would license me because the nature of the crime was not violent and due to the fact that it was many years ago and I have no other charges on my record. Well the chair of the nursing department told me there was nothing she could do , I would basically need to speak to someone at The State of Ohio that deals with the laws and rules to try to plea my case to them and see if they would ok it for me to continue on. I have already worked in the medical field with this charge on my record so I am not super worried about employment. I am desperate for some advice, who would I even call!! Please help me if you can... Thanks Shannon Robinson