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  1. I'm starting school in June. My school requires health insurance and it is provided through the school. The cost is added into our tuition. I am surprised that it is not mandatory at your school as well. Perhaps your school provides it at a low cost? Sorry I can't be of more help.
  2. Hi, I am also finishing up some pre-reqs. Do you know how we go about registration if we do not have final transcripts? We may have a hold on our accounts. I am waiting for a reply from admissions as to what my next step is. Does the letter from your Prof allow you to register? I have been so worried about this! Any information would help! =) Lisa
  3. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the book list! So helpful! :heartbeat
  4. Hello all, I am Lisa and I will also be starting the accelerated program in June. =) If anyone is in NYC and hasn't yet completed the vaccinations there are free clinics in Manhattan and Brooklyn and maybe also the other boroughs. Check out the site for the most convenient for you. http://www.nyc.gov/html/doh/html/imm/immclin.shtml I am going this week because even with insurance (maybe it's simply not covered) the Hep vaccine was $75.00 and you need three (spread out over the next few months I think). Has anyone registered for the CPR? How much is it and where are you registered?
  5. lisarhans

    Anyone hear from SUNY Downstate for Summer '09 yet?

    I talked to my doctor about SUNY vs. NYU and he said it makes absolutely no difference. And FYI he was an NYU grad. He said go to SUNY because it is a great program and has a great reputation for half the price. Honestly, I got a bit caught up in the snobbery of wanting to go to NYU but I chose Downstate because it makes so much more sense! I assume the same goes for Columbia vs. Downstate. I had a similar experience with a lack of response concerning questions at both NYU and Downstate but I have heard that both programs were absolutely swamped with admissions due to the economy and stability of healthcare fields. I'm so excited to start! Did anyone find out about the uniform color?