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    Nursing in calgary

    Thanx for your reply,my contract is for 2 yrs with calgary health region,i have contacted the recruiter and she says that its hard to get placement and shes trying her best,,,could someone please tell me what books to refer for CRNE?I had paid 650$ to my agent trillium and they gave me online revire of CRNE which has recently got cancelled by them.i really dont understand this.I have a working visa for canada till feb 2011.can anybody help???pls forward me some notes you have abt the canadian exam,,,Thanx
  2. leoness0009

    Nursing in calgary

    HI, I am a Registered nurse workin in Ireland.i had signed a contract with calgary health region through a recruiting company trillium talent resource.I have got my visa and all now to come to calgary,but now as they dont have much vacancies Im still waiting for placement.I have experience of 8 yrs in general surgery,I was wondering is it possible for me to transfer my Carna registration to vancouver BC and try and get a job placement there?Is it possible to transfer registrtion from 1 province to another easily,n how long does it take?Im really worried as the situation here is bleak. Any good suggestions please......Could anyone please email me the study material for CRNE.thanks