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direis09 specializes in Women's Health, currently mother/infant,.

RN for 16 years, a student forever!

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  1. direis09

    Infant admission at bedside

    Interesting, what is the size of your "family" and "nesting" unit? Guessing that you must have a large facility to be able to offer two different postpartum units.
  2. direis09

    calling all lactation consultants

    You may want to check out the week long Healthy Children Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) program which would provide education and certification with less initial expense and hours than IBCLC. The hospital I work at pays lactation less than nurs...
  3. direis09

    CLC course from HealthyChildren.cc - what is it like?

    I have worked in Women's Health for 15 of my 17 year nursing career. A couple years ago I took the CLC course through Healthy Children and it was very beneficial. They provided current, evidence based information that I have been able to incorporat...
  4. direis09

    Managers can I change your opinion of them?

    This entire thread has been a real eye-opener. It has helped me take a step back and look at my own unfair attitude. As a staff nurse I don't know all the manager's responsibilities, and I do get impatient with lack of follow through on issues that...
  5. direis09

    Managers can I change your opinion of them?

    What a timely topic. As a staff nurse, our unit is struggling with many of the issues mentioned. We have people that are chronically late and some have discussed this with our manager. On the staff side, we see no change in the behavior so figure ...
  6. direis09

    Everyone's wearing scrubs...is this good or bad?

    I work at a hospital that requires 'color coding' and the computer in the patient rooms explains the various colors... yet housekeeping walks around in surgical scrubs. Some places require nurses to have an additional RN tag.. maybe we should try a ...
  7. direis09

    Nursing There to Here...

    At a time when I often feel more like a waitress and maid, it is good to be reminded of our larger role. Thank you for the lovely post.
  8. direis09

    How old were you when you finished nursing school?

    Got my license when I was 45. After many attempts, I will complete my BSN in July just before I turn 61! My husband is a paramedic hoping to start a medic to RN bridge program this fall. Never ever too late.
  9. direis09

    What do patients say that irks you?

    There are so many great "lines" here, and they are funny to read on the computer, but can be so frustrating when working the second or third 12 hr night shift! The top of the list for me is the breastfeeding mom who wants no pacifier, no supplement ...
  10. direis09

    Couplet care - how do you handle float pool nurses?

    I agree with lifetimern, to ensure patient safety, a closed unit is in everyone's best interest. Many of our labor nurses don't even like to come over and help out with babies. The hospital where I work opened two years ago and includes a six bed NS...
  11. direis09

    Couplet care - how do you handle float pool nurses?

    Wow, no answer, just sympathy. I also work postpartum. We are a small 13 bed mother/infant unit and we generally do couplet care. The only med-surg nurse that floats to us has been cross-trained and has taken NRP. This is why so many L&D, LDR...
  12. direis09

    How hard is it to get a PCA job in Columbus?

    All applications go through the website; the same site for all the hospitals. In all honesty, I only applied 1 time and received a response within a couple weeks. I was applying for a nursing position but the PSAs I work with had the same process. ...
  13. direis09

    How hard is it to get a PCA job in Columbus?

    Check out the Ohio Health website for a list of postings for all their hospitals. I have been with Ohio Health for a little over a year and think it is a great company to work for. Good Luck in your job search.