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  1. sunshinelady

    failed nursing school again

    If she pass nursing school and boards I would most definitely allow her to provide care for my family member. I can only give advice and encouragement, the ultimate decision is yours. I gave encouragement but also stated numerous times that it will be hard work once you've been unsuccessful twice. It can be done but will require self evaluation and determination to do so. Best of luck to you whatever you decide, keep us posted
  2. sunshinelady

    failed nursing school again

    If you want your Rn then get your Rn. If you truly want it then sit down and determine how you were not successful previously. You never give up because there will be a school that will accept you, maybe not the first couples of schools you contact but there will be one. Good luck and reevaluate why you were not successful prior to reentering into Rn program.
  3. sunshinelady

    failed nursing school again

    Never lose hope, never lose ambition and never lose focus. You have to decide how bad you want to become a Rn. You have to make sacrifices and do whatever it takes to be successful. You can do! Figure out what went wrong the last two times and what you can do to prevent this from happening again. To say give up, it's not an option. Dream deferred but not denied. Good luck and hope to read post that says you were accepted into LPN to Rn program and later Rn graduate. Can you image how many people would not be in their current respective lives if they had given up? I don't know you but I hope you don't give up but work harder future Rn. Best of luck to you, God bless
  4. sunshinelady

    failed nursing school again

    You're welcome. It may be helpful to purchase nclex review material like Hurst to help you understand material you make seem the instructor may haven't fully explained to u
  5. sunshinelady

    failed nursing school again

    Never give up on your dreams but reevaluate what you need to do to fulfill that dream
  6. sunshinelady

    Failed NCLEX for the 2nd time

    Well said RNsRWe!
  7. sunshinelady

    Passed NCLEX on 4th Attempt!!!!

    I would like info on 97 page study guide Williamsandstarla@yahoo.com
  8. sunshinelady

    How I Passed the NCLEX: Summer 2014 w/ NCLEX Book Review

    I emailed you
  9. sunshinelady

    Taking my exam tomorrow.

    Sending prayers and good vibes👄
  10. sunshinelady

    Failed 3 times and years expired in state

    5 week course I spoke with boards and they are similar to boards questions
  11. sunshinelady

    Failed 3 times and years expired in state

    I just enrolled in ncsbn which is a review website that suppose to have similar questions to nclex questions
  12. sunshinelady

    Failed 3 times and years expired in state

    I didn't realize that there was a time limit! Will you be able to use your New York license in Louisiana with an endorsement or have to move to New York?
  13. sunshinelady

    Failed 3 times and years expired in state

  14. sunshinelady

    Alcorn Summer 2010 LPN-RN Students?!?!

    I start in may 2011 and very interested in how the programs works. what days are class and what days are clinicals. how is the entrance test?
  15. sunshinelady

    Acceptence Letter from HindsCC

    do you have any notes i am at vicksburg; next test on community
  16. sunshinelady

    Hinds Bridge progam Vicksburg Campus

    everyone that showed up got in including me and i was an alternate