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nancynurse74 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics.

Married to my best friend for 35 + years. We have 2 grown children and a 2 yr old granddaughter.

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  1. Grama Nancy

    I had 3 others that noc, but they were sleeping (Thank GOD for small favors). Usually I do not have the extra time to sit with one for a hour or more. I know exactly what you were saying!!! I am the charge nurse but also take a full load when need...
  2. Grama Nancy

    We were extremely busy with all the RSV and Flu patients. I was notified of an admission of a 'seizure' 2-year-old. We hurried to set up the room and have things ready for this child. When she and her parents came to the unit, I assessed the child wa...