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    What should I do?

    okay, i am at a loss as to what i should do with myself and my nursing career and am turning to you for advice. i have been a nurse since '97 and though i enjoy nursing alot, i am very slow at it. i have had more nursing jobs then most of you will ever have. for i work with a company 1 or 2 years max and then i find myself in the same situation of not being able to get everything done (charting mainly) and be off the clock when the corporation wants us off the clock. my fellow coworkers are now dropping sutle hints that...we can't work "off the clock" , and i should just leave when the time is up instead of staying late and charting...on my own time. but, by leaving things and not charting, it is my license on the line. i pride myself on being very thorough and complete and try to be the best nurse i can be - but it is like i am always ending up in the same boat (with no paddle). any ideas of help would be very appreciated.
  2. PeppermintPat22

    Crushed by car, given up by dead, saved by nurses

    aww, what a nice story....ty for sharing with us.