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  1. KMS2211

    Red Cross CNA program??

    Well that makes sense. Thank you! :nuke: I know I am so excited to start! Good Luck and you will have to let me know how you like it cause we start the same day!
  2. KMS2211

    Red Cross CNA program??

    "I am starting my class on the 22nd as well, in Worcester. When I signed up I was told that if you pass the course, they will help you to sign up for the state test at a later date. Hope that helps! " Thank you. I was told that as well but what I don't understand is that going to clinicals is a part of the CNA course so what test do you have to pass to attend clincals? Maybe I am completely misunderstanding this lol.
  3. KMS2211

    Red Cross CNA program??

    Hi, I am glad I found this board. I am starting my CNA course at the Red Cross in Peabody on the 22nd. So it is interesting to see how other people are doing in the program and how they like it. I am nervous but very excited to take this course. Good Luck to everyone and thank you for sharing. "We haven't started clinicals yet. We started learning and practicing some skill this week. We don't do clinicals until we take and pass the skills test." I was just wondering does that mean that the red cross actually has you take the state test before you move on and learn more? Maybe I am not understanding what you said correctly. Thanks
  4. KMS2211

    Bunker Hill Community College?

    Hello, I have no attended BHCC but I did attend the nursing information session today and it was helpful. I also plan on applying to BHCC at some point depending when I finish my pre reqs. Have you attended an information session yet? Well anyway I really like what I have heard about the program but the woman who is the head of the nursing department made it quite clear today that it is a highly competitive program. It did make me a little nervous hearing this but I guess no matter where you apply it is going to be very competitive. I am not sure about what the students are like because I do not attend the school but going today there was a variety ages and ethenicities as well as both male and females. From what I underestood today the only time you really focus in on a speciality in nursing is when you are going to school to become a NP. As far as getting a job in the ER, I know CNA's who work in the ER so although I do not know personally if after attending BHCC RN's have gone on to work in the ER, I would assume you could as long as you pass the state exam to become an RN. She did tell us today that Boston hospitals have not been hiring new grads but she said not to worry because there are PLENTY of jobs in the surrounding cities and towns. Hope I helped a little. Good Luck!