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  1. **~pouty~**

    LPN - Getting a job after the program?

    i graduated the LPN program in october 2010. got my license in january 2011 and still havent been able to find a job. the job market is really rough right now (saying they wont hire you because you dont have experience). i live in the ft lauderdale area and have looked as far as palm beach gardens for work (and no luck). if you get a job offer, my advice is take it. if you dont feel safe in your current neighborhood, move somewhere safer and do the commute, if need be. buy some mase or even a tazer if you feel youre a target. other than that, go for your RN.
  2. **~pouty~**

    So, what color are your school uniforms?

    i'm definitely not too pleased with my uniform. white pants and a teal scrub top with a collar! seriously, id love to meet who made the decision for our school uniform.
  3. **~pouty~**

    Anyone starting at Atlantic Tech 10/26?

    i just gave it a lite ironing when it came out of the dryer. my scrubs fit me just right, so i didnt have to try to shrink anything. i found petite length scrub pants so im happy. for now im gonna use my reg bookbag. i just packed my notebook, the core book, pens, highlighters and my hand sanitizer. we only have to carry the core book for now, right?? so i guess ill tackle the rolling bag issue when core's over in 5 weeks. did you check tjmaxx for the rolling bag? i went by there last week and saw they had a few. my anxiety already set in and my stomach's in knots too. i cant believe we are finally starting tomorrow!!!
  4. **~pouty~**


    oopps, sorry about that. did you initially get the registration slip from ms. ********? since you already paid for core, i dont think they would be able to give you a refund or anything like that. instead of going back and forth with these posts, we could definitely talk more about it @ lunch or if we get some sort of break during school tomorrow. i dont mind helping you out and letting you know what you could and cant get from wia. i will be getting there early too. i want to make sure i get a parking spot, find the classroom and get mentally ready for my first day. i hope i could sleep tonite! get a good nite's rest tonite and eat a good b-fast tomorrow! see you in class! ~kathleen
  5. **~pouty~**

    Anyone starting at Atlantic Tech 10/26?

    yeah im nervous too. ive got my bookbag ready and my scrubs cleaned and pressed. im hoping im not too nervous that i wont be able to get a good nite's sleep. let me know how your first day went. ill let you know how mine was as well.
  6. **~pouty~**

    Anyone starting at Atlantic Tech 10/26?

    hey spence! good luck on monday!!!! :w00t:
  7. **~pouty~**


    i used the ati study guide for everything except science. i had a little trouble with the science part the first time around. needless to say, i totally bombed!!!! i did some research and found out that many people used the mcgraw hills nursing entrance exam book for the science section. i downloaded it and passed! what a relief that was! i didnt "ace" it, my score was in the mid 80's. that was good enough for me! hope this helps!
  8. **~pouty~**

    taking the TEAS

    i suggest using the ati study guide for everything except science. for science, i studied the mcgraw hills book. hope this helps & good luck!
  9. **~pouty~**


    yes, i pretty much was able to get everything needed for this first term---thanks to WIA. with my voucher i was able to get all of my books----except the core book and a book that was listed as a suggestion. i got 2 sets of uniforms, supplies, and shoes. in ref to the suggested book--- i found it online and was able to download it for free.
  10. **~pouty~**

    LPN Student 10/26/09 Sheridan Technical Center 10/26

    WIA (davie rd ext location) also told me that they didnt pay for core. but when i took them the form from sheridan, the voucher WIA gave me covered everything---including core. they didnt cover the books needed for core, which is the BLS book and the "suggested" book. but other than that, they paid for the rest. were you able to get WIA to pay for anything?
  11. **~pouty~**


    hi bettyp! ill be starting LPN @ sheridan on the 26th as well! im super excited and nervous! maybe ill see you in class! :)
  12. **~pouty~**

    Teas test prep

    you're welcome & good luck!!!
  13. **~pouty~**

    Anyone starting at Atlantic Tech 10/26?

    you got responses!!! WTG!!!! im still waiting......... going to pick up my books tomorrow and take my pic for my ID.
  14. **~pouty~**

    Teas test prep

    hey efun, see if this link works......i copied it from an earlier post in this thread. http://rapidshare.com/files/244641205/NursingSchoolentrance.pdf.html
  15. **~pouty~**

    anyone starting sheridan tech in october

    Hi all! anyone starting sheridan tech's lpn program in october???