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  1. Family NP in hospital and FA?

    Hello, forgive me if this topic has been covered before. I am currently a BSN nurse that has been practicing in a Burn ICU for the past 2.5 years. I am trying to decide which NP program to complete, the Family Primary or Acute adult..... both MSN deg...
  2. Albumin Resuscitation

    Hello, Currently I am formulating an Albumin protocol in the event that our Parkland formula is not working to the desired effects. I am interested in any possible information that might be available to help me in this process. I understand not every...
  3. Hello, the hospital I am doing clinicals at has just changed protocol to change IV sites q96hrs. I am in my last class(yah!) and as a group we need to do a research project on evidence based practice. I am searching trying to find rational but I'm no...
  4. nclex rn 10000

    Even with the promo code above, I can only get it down to $70. Why are they charging me $11 to ship me an access code? Does anybody have a code that gives free shipping? Any other good/bad reviews out there. I have 8 months before NCLEX so I thing it...
  5. Study medical terminology, pharmacology, and a ton of NCLEX review questions. Even if you get the questions wrong, you will learn the rational behind the answers(i.e.-almost never answer with an absolute, these two answers are really stating the same...
  6. Hello, I'm in a RN Associate's degree program. I just passed my last class of the first year!!! I have the next two months off and I plan to enjoy the time with friends and family. That being said I want to prepare for Med/surg 2 &3, and Peds. Me...
  7. Case study Question

    I talked with my instructor and she said a "newborn" is 24 hours or older. A neonate is under 24 hours of age. Does anyone have a reference for this info, in my Maternal Health book the two terms are interchangeable. I can't just use "because you tol...
  8. Case study Question

    I know Vit. K and erythromycin should be given within one hour of birth. Is it standard practice to immediately give Zidovudine for an infant whose mother is HIV positive?
  9. Case study Question

    I was given a question during my OB rotation and need a second opinion, Is it correct to give Zidovudine to a newborn immediately after birth from a HIV positive mother. My drug book stats PO only after 12 hours of age, but should an IV route be us...
  10. NCP Risk for impaired skin suggestions

    I am having trouble deciding the titles of the NIC and NOC. I have it narrowed down between these two. I think Pressure Ulcer Prevention is better for my NIC. Can I use activities that I found in the NIC book under another title(Pressure management)....
  11. It's my first NCP from the ECF. I HAVE to use Risk for impaired skin integrity. My resident has Parkinson's, has intermittent bladder incontinence, and 80 years old. He can ambulate slightly by himself when not have an episode. I only spend a few hou...
  12. Care plan practice

    Would it help if I asked for sample case studies? I just want to practice, practice, practice.
  13. Care plan practice

    Please Help. Thank you.
  14. Care plan practice

    I also have a Fundamentals of Nursing book. Will the "Care book" have multiple scenarios with correct care plans to check my work? My instructor offered only one. I would like to do 15-20 in order in gain experience before my extended care rotation.
  15. Care plan practice

    Hi, I in my Fundamentals of Nursing course. I know the process of writing a care plan, but I would just like a lot of practice doing it. I need patient scenarios with the correct care plan to check to see if I'm accurate. I have the NIC, NOC, NANDA, ...