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  1. shellfrmmo

    Which MSN would you go for?

    I really want to do FNP. I do. Just trying to weigh my other options. I get tunnel vision a lot and want to make sure not to think it through more. Of course, I have some time yet. I don't plan on starting that process until 2022 BSN student loans are paid for.
  2. shellfrmmo

    Which MSN would you go for?

    Just trying to decide what avenue to take for my next step. When asking peers many say the Masters Healthcare Administration route is the one they wish they had taken or that they recommend. Others love having their Nurse Practitioner. Anyone with insight? Anyone want to give me their experience? I am 46 years old. Still have 20 years of work ahead of me. Your experience, insight, and opinions are all welcome. Thank you in advance.
  3. shellfrmmo

    Aspen University RN-BSN Comprehensive Proctored Exam

    Sent email- I am shellystandridge2020@gmail.com
  4. shellfrmmo

    Aspen University RN-BSN Comprehensive Proctored Exam

    Hi Raredesign- I am doing all the practice comp exams I can find online. Not sure if they are what our exam will be like or not. I wonder if its more clinical related questions, theory related questions. The study guide seems pretty broad. I don't want to have to take it a second time. I have the worst test anxiety.
  5. shellfrmmo

    Aspen University RN-BSN Comprehensive Proctored Exam

    I just finished the program and got my study guide. Now I just have to pick a date to take it. It is online proctored exam now. Nervous!
  6. shellfrmmo

    BSN to FNP or MSN to FNP

    so no to skipping MSN and just going for a BSN- FNP program?
  7. shellfrmmo

    United States university FNP

    Okay, I will be finishing my last BSN class on 9/28/2020. My loan will be paid off in 2022. I will then apply for the FNP program at USU. Any tips on finding out if hospitals/clinics in my area would hire a FNP from there? Or is it all based on passing boards????? Should I call local HR departments? I live in Missouri but boarder Arkansas. Kansas, and Oklahoma so I would need to know every on of those states.
  8. shellfrmmo

    United States university FNP

    I went to Chamberlain for my BSN and it wasn't for me- so I changed over to Aspen and loved it. I can't speak for the FNP program but I do know the BSN program was difficult to navigate online. Aspen had wonderful advisors and professors. Many of whom also teach or have taught at other programs. USU is a sister school to Aspen.
  9. shellfrmmo

    BSN to FNP or MSN to FNP

    I will be graduating with my BSN in September. It is an accelerated RN to BSN online program. I am wanting to continue my education with end goal being Nurse Practitioner. I have looked at BSN to FNP online programs and have found some that interest me. I have been in the healthcare profession since 1992 (CNA 1992, LVN 1996, ADN 2009, BSN 2020) so I have a lot of contacts and I have already talked to many practitioners and facilities and will have no problem setting up clinicals for online programs. I have a couple years to decide. My BSN loan will be paid off in 2022 so I won't start a new program until then. My question is what is your recommendation based on personal experience? Looking to here from people who have taken either route to their NP? Should I get my MSN first and the FNP? or just go straight for the FNP and then specialize after that? Is there any advantage to getting MSN first? I am 46 so the clock is ticking. Thank you so much for your advice!
  10. shellfrmmo

    United States university FNP

    Please please please update me! I am very interested in this program! shellymascher@Yahoo.com
  11. shellfrmmo

    Nurse Practitioner/FNP Program ?

    Have you gotten any answers offline? I am interested in this as well. I am currently getting my BSN and will graduate this fall. I am wondering what my next step is. Do I have to have my MSN to get into a FNP program? Or is there a BSN to NP program?
  12. shellfrmmo

    Follow up after applying for job

    So I applied for this job that I really want. I went for my first interview and wow- I want it more now. I got called back for a second interview last Friday and I think it went really well. Well... it is Wednesday and I haven't heard a thing and they said I should hear something from Human Resources on Monday or Tuesday. Should I call and follow up or should I wait another day or two?
  13. shellfrmmo

    So who's ready to go back ??

    We started back on July 31st. We are back in to full swing! The kids start on August 13th. Lets get this party started!!! I don't know about you but fall seems to go by so fast and spring DRAAAAAAAAAAAGS!!!! Even though the actual school days are split evenly pre-december break and post-december break. We have the best Nursing job in the world when thinking about hours and days off. We do make a difference!
  14. shellfrmmo

    Do you keep snacks in your office?

    Just remember on Stauffer's animal crackers and Brach's peppermints and other snack items to check the label for food allergies. Those two products in particular are manufactured in a facility that may manufacture tree nuts, peanuts, soy.... Always check the label. It is amazing what foods have that precaution. I stay away from being those things. Its just too risky now. too many kids with food allergies. Don't forget to check dyes also.
  15. shellfrmmo

    Privacy in school nurse's office

    Being a school nurse does require some extra thought when it comes to privacy. We started out in a huge classroom that was made into a nurses office. We had no privacy so we bought screens to use. It worked great for exam purposes. We also have curtains that divide each cot, we could always just pull the curtain. We have now been moved into a better format. A big main room where there are 2 cots (with curtains) and treatment cart as well as the LPN and her desk, then as the RN I have an office that looks in to her area and I have a cot with a curtain and the filing cabinets/med cabinets. When kids need additional privacy or exam we use my office for that. It is still very hard for other children to hear what is going on. I will shut my door if it is a lice check, a hygiene talk or something like that.
  16. shellfrmmo

    How to become a school nurse?

    Starting as a sub is a great way to get your foot in the door. good luck to you and come ask us any questions you need to know.