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shellfrmmo has 26 years experience as a ASN, BSN, LPN, LVN, RN and specializes in Community Health Nurse.

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  1. WGU BSN to MSN program

    EmiC408 there are a lot of good NP programs out there. Just got to research which is best for you. I was really impressed with Georgetown but their set up does not match my work hours so I couldn't go that route. I looked at about 6 different online ...
  2. WGU BSN to MSN program

    Wow- I have exactly the same question! I got BSN from Aspen and have chosen MSN at WGU. I am going for MSN in leadership and management. Please let me know how it’s going and how different it is. I really do nit know what to prepare for. Start 01-20...
  3. How to choose which direction to take????

    I would love to try it out with CNA's, in my state you have to have a year of LTC experience to teach CNA's. I have never worked full time for a Nursing Home. I do not know if that could be cumulative (private duty as a CNA for agency, staffing agenc...
  4. Which MSN would you go for?

    I really want to do FNP. I do. Just trying to weigh my other options. I get tunnel vision a lot and want to make sure not to think it through more. Of course, I have some time yet. I don't plan on starting that process until 2022 BSN student loans ar...
  5. Which MSN would you go for?

    It will either be HCA or FNP- problem is not sure of job opportunities available for HCA in my area.
  6. I just got my BSN and want to keep moving forward. 1992 CNA, 1996 LVN, 2009 ADN, 2020 BSN. I love to learn. I have worked full time since 1992 in the healthcare profession in just about every specialty in some form or another. End goal has ...
  7. Which MSN would you go for?

    Just trying to decide what avenue to take for my next step. When asking peers many say the Masters Healthcare Administration route is the one they wish they had taken or that they recommend. Others love having their Nurse Practitioner. Anyone wi...
  8. BSN to FNP or MSN to FNP

    You can do a MSN specialty nursing degree and THEN go into FNP OR choose a BSN to FNP program called and MSN-FNP. some college require that you have a masters to get accepted into FNP program. some colleges have the MSN in FNP
  9. BSN to FNP or MSN to FNP

    so no to skipping MSN and just going for a BSN- FNP program?
  10. United States university FNP

    Okay, I will be finishing my last BSN class on 9/28/2020. My loan will be paid off in 2022. I will then apply for the FNP program at USU. Any tips on finding out if hospitals/clinics in my area would hire a FNP from there? Or is it all based on passi...
  11. United States university FNP

    I went to Chamberlain for my BSN and it wasn't for me- so I changed over to Aspen and loved it. I can't speak for the FNP program but I do know the BSN program was difficult to navigate online. Aspen had wonderful advisors and professors. Many of who...
  12. BSN to FNP or MSN to FNP

    I will be graduating with my BSN in September. It is an accelerated RN to BSN online program. I am wanting to continue my education with end goal being Nurse Practitioner. I have looked at BSN to FNP online programs and have found some that interest ...
  13. United States university FNP

    Please please please update me! I am very interested in this program!
  14. Nurse Practitioner/FNP Program ?

    Have you gotten any answers offline? I am interested in this as well. I am currently getting my BSN and will graduate this fall. I am wondering what my next step is. Do I have to have my MSN to get into a FNP program? Or is there a BSN to NP program...
  15. Follow up after applying for job

    So I applied for this job that I really want. I went for my first interview and wow- I want it more now. I got called back for a second interview last Friday and I think it went really well. Well... it is Wednesday and I haven't heard a thing and th...