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Hello, I'm Julia. I live in Ohio, and I'm an AVID football fan, Buckeyes and Bengals! :) I have a boyfriend and two kitties, Hot Rod and Sally. I'm enrolled in a DUAL LPN-RN Program at Ohio Hi-Point and Clark State Comm. College.

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  1. Hooolia

    Assignment ? that I'm not sure of answer...

    I would say you're right, the meds have been administered for up to an hour (within the hour could mean 30 minutes or 59 minutes which would make a big difference), so I would definately not re-administer the meds until I recieve an ok from a physician or pharmacist.
  2. Hooolia

    Did Chest Compressions Yesterday

    wow. thats awesome...I just got my CPR certification on Wednesday, I would love to be able to jump in and give compressions! High five to you! :)
  3. Been there, done that...nursing classes are way more interesting than A&P, get through A&P and you'll actually enjoy learning NURSING. :) Good Luck!
  4. Hooolia

    First Clinical, any advice?

    My very first clinical will be in 2 weeks, and I, just like you, am looking for some advice as to what to expect and how to make sure I don't go stir-crazy. LOL I'm really excited, but at the same time, I'm nervous as well. I think I'm more nervous about the paperwork, rather than actually administering pt care. Have you been practicing care plans and diseases processes, and drug cards?? I've found them to be very helpful. Good luck to you on your first clinical! :)