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  1. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    Video Taping Nursing Students ?

    They just started video taping our check off at my CC this semester. Everyone was freaking out...but in actuality it was EASIER because the professor was not in the room so it took a lot of the stress away.
  2. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    Student Uniform - My Gosh!

    My school offers a dress very similar to this...but also offers a pant and top option...I have NEVER seen a girl wear the dress.......yikes. So sorry!!!!
  3. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    How exactly do you become an OR nurse?

    Hospitals have training for all specialties of nursing. Time frames vary depending on the hospital and the specialty itself. Some specialities you can enter into right after graduating, some want experience, i.e. med-surg.
  4. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    Everyone Has Something Likable

    ...no worried NeosynephRN, it made me laugh after a stressful day... )
  5. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    VCC vs. SCC

    VCC is better! I think...better clinical options....its MUCH more established...and the professors have decades of experience....
  6. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    is being a Hospice Nurse dangerous?

    Hey Guys, just wondering what experiences hospice nurses think...is it sometimes dangerous to be a hospice nurse? I would think this because you are going into someones private home and I would also think that you might not always be able to choose the best locations(ex. having to go to a bad neighborhood)....Also, is it ever scary to be alone with someone in their home? Do you have back-up, do you ever go as pairs? Also, for post-mortem care do you go to the residency alone? I am asking a million questions because I am in the middle of nursing school and really think I would enjoy hospice nursing...any information or personal stories would be greatly appreciated!!!:redpinkhe
  7. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    PCT Salaries in Orlando

    I am a new tech in orlando and the hospital i work at starts out at 12$ per hour plus I am pool so I get an additional 15 percent...and of course more after 3pm, weekends, and night....
  8. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    medical and surgical intermediate floors....more like ICU or Med/Surg?

    I am a tech at an intermediate unit...at my hospital it is inbetween ccu and pcu. Most of the patients are on vents and all are total care. The nurse ratio is 1 nurse for every three patients.
  9. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    Keiser University RN Program

    VCC is accredited by NLN.
  10. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    RN programs

    There is usually a wait list for generic RN at VCC, but I am not sure for the advance standing students. I had to wait twelve months for a spot in the generic program. VCC is great though, I would definetly recommend it.
  11. Is there a lot of patient lifting required in Burn Nursing? Your opinions would be great!!!
  12. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    How much lifting does an ICU nurse do?

    Hey guys.. Just wondering from the perspective of any experienced ICU nurses...how much patient lifting do you do? :)
  13. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    Keiser University RN Program

    I never said RN was a worthless degree, I am in nursing school and am dedicated to becoming the best nurse I can be! I was just saying that when comparing Keiser to other schools it doesn't even come close to the quality that established schools give. There are schools in the orlando area that offer night classes, Keiser is not the only one. And yes, I stand by my statement that Keiser's pre-reqs are similiar to science classes you would take in highschool. I have experienced this first hand. To anyone who goes to Keiser, I wish them all the luck. Nursing school is hard work, and being a nurse once its over is even harder. We all need all the support we can get.
  14. newyorkgrrrrrrrrrrrl

    Keiser University RN Program

    I just have to put in my two cents about KEISER. I would not advise anyone to waste their money at that school. Take the time to do your pre-reqs and wait for a school that is established and known. I went to Keiser in Orlando maybe three years ago and had such a horrible experience. The staff there are like SALES people, and basically tried to push a crappy degree from there down my throat. Also, the science classes, micro/A &P etc are not at the level you need in order to be successful. Its at a highschool level. There are no labs so how can you learn? Also, if the college has provisional credit and you graduate from there you can only work at certain hospitals...with only a certain amount of beds. Be weary :uhoh21:....its better to take your time and do it right than to graduate with a worthless degree. I am now in the middle of nursing school at a college that has been in existance since the 70's. I feel good about the level and quality of education I am getting here. The hospitals respect graduates from this college in the community.