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I am currently studying Advanced Practice Nursing at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My interests are in Hospice, Palliative, End of Life Care and Complementary and Alternative Therapies.

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  1. Math on the NCLEX exam

    Our math textbook was "Math for Clinical Practice", by Macklin, Chernecky, Infortuna published by Elsevier Mosby Its a workbook with companion CD which has answers and a math tutorial with over 500 practice problems and an...
  2. Northwestern Memorial Hospital

    Hi Janice, I'm doing my Leadership rotation on Feinberg 13 West at NMH. The Nurse Manager is Marisa Streel. We get a variety of pts. - adult and geriatric, some on tele., and I am learning a lot. Placement will depend if there are any volunteers t...