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  1. Fish Feng

    Help me decide between 2 Nursing schools

    u are so great --- congratulations ! in fact, u have maken a clear between them and u have get a clear about what u want ! last , u seem have ur answer in ur mind --- then , just go on and try ur best , u will get it ! good luck to u , my girl ---
  2. Fish Feng

    Friend of a nurse-friend is a patient...

    it makes no difference , i think ! taking care of the patient is one thing,the relationship is another thing! being a nurse , u should do ur best no matter what the result is ! To ur friend, what u need to say is " i will do my best " she will understand it ! according to the doctor, in my opinion , u could tell her ur idea then ask her to get more information about him from others ! cause different guys stand in different sides !
  3. Fish Feng

    MRSA again- Are You Kidding Me???

    am sorry to hear that--- i think nursing is quite a difficult job we should pay all attention to comfort the clients , but at the same time keep us safe ! have one more eye pls
  4. Fish Feng

    For Sale: Used Nurse. Dirt Cheap!

    u are such great and brave that worth our proud ! i will give my best wishes to u , faraway but true friend !
  5. Fish Feng

    what to do in case of respiratory depression?

    i thought --- it depends on
  6. Fish Feng

    Are there any others who don't 'love' nursing school?

    wow---- am realy surprised to see that the no.4 commentor said she hated nursing school but she loved nursing ! then could u tel me why u love nursing ? and is there anything wrong with nursing school? just tel me pls , thanks