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I am 28 years old female with a 1 year old son. I am two classes away from having all of my pre reqs for nursing school. I am planning to apply to a few nurisng schools. but my first choice is Lawson State!!

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  1. determined21208

    Bevill State Part-Time Applicants

    Hey Everyone! I see that there hasn't been an updated blog regarding Bevill State's Nursing Program in a while. So I wanted to create one for all of the Nursing School hopefuls. This could be a place where we could all come together and discuss our concerns and get to know each other as we wait and become prepared for our ACCEPTANCE LETTERS! (Speaking it into existence) I don't think it would be a problem if we tell a little about ourselves. I believe that if we all stick together, no matter what campus we attend that we will make it through it. It's kind of like being each other's accountability partners.
  2. determined21208

    Jeff State Fall '09 Hopefuls??

    193 for me.....Congratulations to all again!! does anyone know about the calculations test that is given. I hear alot of people go into panic mode regarding this test. and also, what can I do to prepare myself for it.
  3. determined21208

    Jeff State Fall '09 Hopefuls??

    I got in at Shelby part time program!!!!!!! I am very happy to see the exclamation points on everyone's comments. Congratulations to you all and hey who knows maybe we can study together or something!
  4. determined21208

    Lawson State

    I took Microbiology, Anatomy I and will be taking Anatomy II next week at Faulkner and I absolutely loved all of the classes. The instructor is very knowledgable in the subjects and understanding. I would definitel recommend it!!!!:D:D

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