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  1. bseesahm

    Anyone applying at Saddleback college?

    I got an acceptance letter on Saturday too, but I'll be turning it down so there is one more open spot for someone else. I've been accepted into my first choice school (BSN).
  2. Unfortunately OU has pulled out of CA. The last CA cohort started January 2010.
  3. bseesahm

    University of Oklahoma-Accelerated BSN Program

    Actually OU in CA was fully accredited and has graduated several cohorts. However, in late 2009 OU made the decision for financial reasons to leave CA. The last cohort started in SD and Glendale in January 2010. They will finish up in Spring 2011. SDSU was trying to develop an ABSN program after OU left. SDSU's program was given accreditation and approval by the CA BRN and scheduled to begin Sumer 2010. However the CSU Chancellor denied the program for unknown reasons (finances?). This thread was primarly for the OU program in CA. I think there is another thread specific to the OU programs in OK on the Oklahoma region of this forum. You might try posting your question there.
  4. I've taken both of these classes online along with several others. Online classes are perfect for me. I can do work on MY time - early in the morning when the kiddos are asleep or during the day when they are at school. Some classes I could work ahead, others that was not allowed. You can definitely handle the three classes online with your two kids, especially with your mom there as an extra pair of hands as you are trying to complete a discussion board post before deadline. Read ahead and do as much as you can before your baby arrives. I'd also email the professors ahead of time and let them know why you will be "offline" for a few days - just don't miss a deadline, if at all possible. Ditto on the comments about ratemyprofessor.com and ditto the comments about looking for prof's with consistent high marks for fairness and approachablity. I had an "easy A" prof once. Yes, I got an A, but the class drove me crazy. Congrats on your pending new addition and good luck!
  5. bseesahm

    Applying to ABSN Programs in So Cal

    The ABSN landscape in SD has been tumultuous in the past year. Try applying at CSU San Marcos or Concordia U in Irvine. They have been very helpful and easy to work with. It is frustrating that each school has different requirements. Good Luck!
  6. bseesahm

    SDSU Fall 2010 BSN program

    Thanks so much for the info! I'm excited to get started and really looking forward to orientation. :)
  7. bseesahm

    Distant learning programs?

    you are correct about the OU program unfortunately. The last cohort started Spring 2010.
  8. bseesahm

    Accelerated online into to psych???

    I took Intro to Psych as an 8 week online class. The material was generally pretty easy, but the course was time consuming. There were several papers to write, 2 quizzes/week and 6-10 discussion board posts. I probably spent 15 hours/week on the class, but I got an A and it was one more prereq completed . The second 8 weeks of the semester I took Intro to Sociology. That didn't seem as time consuming or maybe I was just used to it at that point! I really like online classes for flexibility, but I agree with caliotter3 - I think they are harder than in class courses. For me, the trade off is worth it. I can do my studying/classwork early in the morning or late at night and still drive on kid's field trips, etc.
  9. bseesahm

    HELP! UC Irvine vs Sonoma University

    I'd say UC Irvine. It is a nice campus and you will have a good college experience with lots of opportunities for different activities. John Wayne airport is only a few minutes away so a weekend trip home is pretty easy. There are many good hospitals in the near area allowing for a variety of clinical options when you reach that point. Where do you hope to live after garduation? On the one hand, employers know the caliber of students from their local school. On the other hand, yes, a degree from a UC is more prestigious than a degree from a CSU school. That is not to say that the actual education is better from one or another, just what perception is. That perception will matter if yuo are planning on working outside the area of the school after graduation. Since you have already been accepted to multiple schools includiong SDSU (very competitive) and UCI, I'm guessing your application from HS looks really good and you will do well in college also. If so, you shouldn't need to worry about getting into nursing after you complete your prerequisites, if that is what the school requires. Just keep doing what your doing and you'll do great! Congrats on your upcoming graduation and enjoy your college years!
  10. bseesahm

    Switching career to nursing - how to get started?

    Look into 2nd degree acellerated BSN programs. These are geared toward people like yourself with a BS or BA in a non-health field. I know in the Bay area Samuel Merritt has an excellent program and I'm sure there are others. Another option is to get an ADN from a community college. With this you can take the NCLEX and become an RN. From there you can continue on with a bridge program RN-BSN. There are a variety of these available often designed for fulltime working RN's. While it is important to investigate nursing schools. It is even more important to get started on prerequisites. Most programs require Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology at a minimum. Get enrolled at your local CC and get registered so you can start taking these classes at least. In addition to the above classes, each school may require other courses. Some more common ones are Chemistry, statistics, communication, psychology, sociology, etc. Good Luck in your pursuit!
  11. bseesahm

    NCLEX Timing?

    Thanks everyone for the information. It sounds like it may be technically possible maybe! I'm in CA, if that makes a difference.
  12. bseesahm

    NCLEX Timing?

    I'm a prenursing student, and I have a really basic question. What is the shortest time after graduating (ABSN) before you can take the NCLEX-RN? I'm trying to figure out whether it would be worth it for me to finish the rest of my pre-req's this spring (full load!) and apply for a summer ABSN program that would finish Summer 2011 or spread the pre-req's out and apply for Spring 2011 ABSN. If I finish Summer 2011 is it realistic to think I would be able to take the NCLEX immediately and be able to start a New Grad RN program in late summer or is the timing on all of that immpossible? TIA.
  13. bseesahm

    Help finding a program in So-Cal

    With only B and rest A's Saddleback College in Mission Viejo may be a good choice. Entry is based solely on GPA for prereq's and GPA on last 12 units at one school. Your application should be competitive there. Good Luck!
  14. bseesahm

    Accelerated BSN in San Diego?

    I'm curious why you changed your mind about Azusa Pacific? As for the OP: it is frustrating that every school has different prereq's. Some schools need all prereq's to be completed before application. Others need prereqs to be completed before you begin the program. I don't know of any school that will allow you to take your prereq's while actually in the program however. My understanding is that ABSN programs are very intense and there would be no time to take add'l classes (prereqs). Most recommend against even having a job while in the program. Good Luck.
  15. It depends how many classes you have to take and if you have the "prereq's for the prereq's" i.e. some schools require BIO or CHEM before taking Anatomy or Intro to Psych before taking Lifespan, etc. It is more difficult to take multiple science classes with labs at the same time since these classes tend to be very time consuming, but it can be done. The real issue on how long it will take to complete your pre-requ's with community colleges that I have experienced in Southern CA is actually getting IN the classes since they tend to be very popular. I have had really good luck so far (knock on wood!) crashing the classes I need though, so don't despair if you can't get in. Find out what your school's crash or waitlist policy is and attend class the first day. Good Luck!