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  1. j_audrey

    Loss & grief.....

    I've been there. Thank you for writing this... it's beautiful.
  2. j_audrey


    Yeah! I'm glad you like your shift, and it gives me some relief to know I'm not crazy for wanting nights. :) Thanks!
  3. j_audrey

    Can't make a decision for the life of me...

    I'm 29, pre-nursing, and am still asking myself the same question. I'm going to do my nursing degree, and if I kick myself and want to pursue an MD. title down the road, I will. Only you can make that choice. Check out a shadowing program at a local hospital, and see if you can spend a couple of hours on the floor with a nurse. That will give you a good idea if you are headed down the right path.
  4. j_audrey


    Our children's hospital has room-ins... it's wonderful, especially if your are taking home a high risk or special needs child. It takes some of the pressure of Mom and Dad, and lets them get used to the thought of going home and being the sole caretakers of their child. They also have separate rooms for the parents in the ICU area that are almost hotel like, for parents of extremely sick children. It allowed one of my good friends to be able to stay on the floor her son was on for the week he was there before he passed away, and allowed her to have a space where she could nurse her infant and spend time with her while not leaving the hospital where her son was at. I think those options should be available in more facilities.
  5. j_audrey

    Hi all need school advice asap!! lpn or ma???

    Do the LPN. I have a friend in my Bios class that paid way to much for her MA and is now going into the nursing program. Don't get me wrong, she likes being an MA, but it does not afford the same educational opportunities and she doesn't make near as much as an LPN. Keep looking! :)
  6. j_audrey

    1 hr glucose test

    Don't drink it so fast. I know it's nasty, and it's hard to not want to get it over with, but it will upset your stomach if you do. I've never heard of anyone getting dx'd with GD if they couldn't keep the solution down, I've seen lots of people have to go back and do it again three or four times.
  7. Move to Omaha! :-) Smaller city, good teaching hospital (UNMC/Nebraska Med. Center) and PLENTY of job opportunities... New facilities opening all over! Not to expensive to live in and we have a great social scene, especially if you like music. I found myself in the same shoes you are in when my first marriage ended, and Omaha gave me plenty of space and anonymity to start over. http://www.nebraskamed.com/careers/nursing/Index.aspx Good luck with your brand new future! (BTW- My parents are from the east coast, and moved here 31 years ago, I don't think they would ever leave.)
  8. She has every right to be scared. :) I bet if you give her some time and just love her and support her she'll go back when she is ready. It's hard to deal with the emotional aftershocks of a bad marriage and not expect the same thing to happen all over again, even if current hubby is the best (which you sound like to me). She's listed some valid (in her mind) points, but I bet there are things she has left unspoken.
  9. j_audrey

    Iowa Western Community College vs. Metro Community College

    I have a 4.0 GPA- have not done A&P yet, doing my CNA and TEAS this summer. I was told there is no way to get into the program without A&P, and you would not succeed in the program without it. That's why I wondered if you had been waitlisted for awhile and maybe got in before the reqs changed. http://www.mccneb.edu/catalog/programs/transform.asp?program=LPNCE That is the list of core reqs, and I called to verify just to be sure, since I could get in without them if they were included in the coursework. It's interesting how all of that works. Are they letting you transfer straight into the RN program the following semester?
  10. j_audrey

    A tough decision.

    You did a good thing. :)
  11. j_audrey

    Iowa Western Community College vs. Metro Community College

    How did you manage to get in without the core classes being done? Were you on the waitlist? Did you have a previous bachelor degree? I guess I am confused. :)
  12. I actually called and made an appointment to go speak to someone today. I need it for me to be able to deal.
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  14. j_audrey

    Is shadowing beneficial?

    Shadowing prior to nursing school.
  15. j_audrey

    Is shadowing beneficial?

    Just a quick question- Do you feel shadowing a nurse before starting your nursing program would have been beneficial? My Facility has this option, and I just applied today to shadow. I wanted to be able to get the feel of what i am walking into before I get excited about it. If your facility has a shadowing program, how does it work? Do you enjoy the time you spend with your shadow? What ways can the shadower make the experience easier? Thanks!
  16. j_audrey

    Is your unit hiring new grads???

    Second that... our facility is for sure. I think because we don't have as many nursing programs to churn out as many grads for the region we are in. (Edited to add) Plus, we have Cancer Centers and Children Centers opening out in the western part of our city, which opens up new spots, and a new hospital in Bellevue, NE... Omaha is growing!