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  1. jcazburgs

    Downstate Accelerated/Class of 2011

    Welcome class of 2011. I am currently in the class of 2010. I am selling several books at a reasonable price. please email me jcazburgs@yahoo.com if interested. If you guys were informed to buy the newer edition of any of the textbooks we had to purchase, I suggest to stick with the older edition. Most of our classmates purchased the older edition and it was fine. I can also help with any questions.
  2. Hey Lena. I agree with you. I hope I didnt sound like I was complaining. I am very happy and thankful to even be accepted into this program. I just wanted to share my fears but my motivation will go beyond all my fear.
  3. Im very nervous and excited too. I quit my job as a social worker in a hospital. Tomorrow is my last day and it is so strange to not have to go to my job that I have been doing for about 7 years. My hours were 6am to 2pm in which I loved so everything is going to be such a big change but I think it will be worth it. I have fears about not liking nursing or just being so stressed out from school and taking it out on my family.
  4. I registered for summer session 1 on 4/27. Then I looked up my class schedule today(4/29) and I was registered for all my summer session 2 classes also. The site had 4/28 as the date when these classes were registered. I guess the school is automatically registering everyone for summer session 2. By the way there are 2 seats available in the Monday class for Introduction to Physical Assessment.
  5. Yes I just realized that there is not much choice for the Professors. We only register for the first summer session right?
  6. Hi Durable. Im registering today for classes. Do you have any Professor's who you preferred over others?
  7. Once again is anyone taking out a private loan? I applied for Sallie Mae and Chase.
  8. jcazburgs

    SUNY Downstate- where to live?

    Hello I am also going to SUNY in June. I am from Brooklyn and if you would like to live in an affordable nieghborhood that is safe and about a half hour on bus far from the school I would suggest Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.
  9. I got my acceptance letter the end of February.
  10. Hi everyone. Is anyone looking for private student loans? I am accepted the Stafford loans but it is not enough to live off of so I have to go through private student loans also. I spoke to a few banks and was able to get a decent rate but it is not fixed. Is anyone having to borrow from a bank or any other source? Any suggestions?
  11. jcazburgs

    SUNY Downstate info

    Thank you Durable for all your advice. I am very nervous about the time constraints with homework. I have always worked in Community Serving jobs so I am not worried about that. You have been very helpful and honest.
  12. jcazburgs

    SUNY Downstate info

    Hi Durable. Can you tell me how difficult the program was? Did you feel like all your time at home was for studying after classes and clinical ended for the day. Was the tests and papers hard?
  13. jcazburgs

    Anyone hear from SUNY Downstate for Summer '09 yet?

    I was going to go to the book store today. Did anyone buy the uniform and supplies yet? Where do I drop off the physical forms?
  14. jcazburgs

    Anyone hear from SUNY Downstate for Summer '09 yet?

    I was going to go to the Bookstore today to pick up some of the supplies and drop off my medical info. Does anyone know where I am suppose to drop off the medical forms? Did anyone buy their supplies and uniform yet?
  15. jcazburgs

    Anyone hear from SUNY Downstate for Summer '09 yet?

    Thank you everyone. I got my letter by mail. My tests scores for the NET were 93 on the Math and 78 on the Verbal. My GPA was about 3.3. I have about 6 years working in a hospital as a Social Worker. Im assuming this work background helped me because I was very surprised to get into this school. I heard it was very difficult. I wish everyone luck who applied.
  16. jcazburgs

    Anyone hear from SUNY Downstate for Summer '09 yet?

    I just got my acceptance letter to Suny Downstate today:bowingpur!