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  1. Erindipitous

    How Long to Complete? RN-BSN, BSN-MSN

    Sooo.. Found this thread. Updates?! Did you complete your MSN? If so, how long did it take, and what were your thoughts on WGU?
  2. Erindipitous

    RN to MSN Leadership &Management

    I just applied tonight while at work, completed my FASFA, and put in a request for my official transcripts to be sent over to them. I hope to begin in July (But probably more realistically in August). I am doing the RN-to-MSN in Leadership and Management. My job requires a BSN within four years of the promotion that I accepted in February, and I figured I would just "go big or go home" since I know I want to end with at least an MSN (I would like to eventually work higher up within management and administration). I don't have any children, and I work full time nightshift. I am hopeful that I will maintain motivation and drive so that I can plow through this whole program in less than two years in order to focus on my personal life (settling down, marriage, kids, etc), but we'll see how it goes once I get my feet wet and begin coursework.
  3. Erindipitous

    continental travel nurse

    Updates from any of you that have started working in the UK? I am considering starting the process, but I want to be able to talk to people who have gone through with it and are now working there. Feel free to contact me directly.. You can contact me on here, or DM me on Instagram: Erindipitous
  4. I plan on getting RN tags for my vehicle soon. I worked hard for my title, and I absolutely love what I do, so I want to express that. As for lawsuits because people didn't stop at the scene of an accident.. How could they even prove the person driving the car is the person with the medical license? If my boyfriend drives my car, that doesn't make him an RN.
  5. I'm doing my final project and I need to research a new disease or new treatment found on a med-surg unit. It needs to be fairly recent (within the past 5 years). Cancer treatments are out, as well as Neuro. Any ideas that you have seen at your hospital, or that you have heard of? My clinical rotations have been pretty bland, and I don't work in a hospital with an externship or tech job for exposure. COMPLETELY DRAWING A BLANK. Thank you, thank you so much in advance!!
  6. Erindipitous

    Fired because of Facebook???

    I assume this is all related to what you post in your statuses? I never speak of patients or specifics, nor do I speak of my place of employment negatively, so this is not what concerns me. But it brings another thought to consider. My question is, can an employer fire you based on your lifestyle? For instance, let's say you've "Liked" the place of employment, and now they can see all of your stuff. That include pictures you're tagged in at parties you've gone to, things your friends have written on your wall, etc. Could something like "party pictures" be enough for an employer to fire you? (I'm not talking illegal drugs, nudity, or committing crimes.) I could see them doing it and saying, "You are not the type of person we want representing our facility." However, if you are not violating HIPPA or mentioning anything about work other than the occasional "Had a rewarding day!" or "Busy day - Glad to be home!" I don't really see why this would pose an issue, in my opinion. I realize this could be completely different dependent on the facility, but I am just innocently asking for some input.
  7. Erindipitous

    Notre Dame of MD's RN-BSN?

    This may be in the wrong section or previously addressed (if it has, I apologize, I was unable to locate it). I was curious if anyone had any experience with the College of Notre Dame of MD's RN-BSN program. I am trying to plan my course of action for when I graduate from my AA in the next year. I guess I'm really wondering if I can jump right into it from my AA degree, or if I need to complete prerequisites for their program prior to applying? Additionally, how long of a program is it usually? Two years? Thank you in advance for any experiences you are able to provide.
  8. Erindipitous

    Best Advice for Bad Procrastination??

    Agreed! I tend to procrastinate quite a bit, and I despise it. I've been working on it. I try to do what works best for most people: I break things into manageable chunks and tackle one task at a time. Whenever I have free time and I'm feeling alert and focused, I take advantage of that frame-of-mind and accomplish something. Instead of "Write Paper" I break it down so I'm not looking at it like, "GREAT. 20 pages in one sitting." -- That's when the panic and stress breaks down the door. "Determine topic and outline main points" "Cover first three main points" "Cover points 4-6" etc. Then, I am able to review past work at the end of each session, and I am able to revise and correct anything I may have missed. Not only do I love the feeling of being prepared and doing a great job, but I think about what I'm not feeling. I do not do well when I'm overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to school work. I would much rather sacrifice some free time than have to deal with the "IGIVEUPMYHEADISGOINGTOEXPLODEGODJUSTKILLME" hair-pulling instances.