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  1. Veterans Affairs RN Summary Review Board for removal

    Nurses in the VA do get fired. If you want to know about the VA contact a union rep. They have to be carefull about what they say as they can be terminated for making negative comments about the VA. I can say that Nurses do get fired. One probationar...
  2. groupone sucks

    Florida is no diferent from what has been posted. I am in the process of consulting with an Attorney regarding a Class Action Suite against Tenet. I am a RN with 24 years experience and have a totally clean record. I worked Agency as a 2nd job for tw...
  3. Nursing; A job or a Profession?

    Nursing is listed with the BLS as a blue collar. "JOB" Based on the responsibility and accountability on the JOB one would have to recognized this JOB as a profession. Question then is why has the public not recognized Nursing as a profession? The an...
  4. For the health and safety of patients and the preservation of Nursing as a profession please vote against these proposed Bills H.R. 441,414 and S. 455 I offer this brief statement. I started my Nursing career in 1982 and have witnessed the changes fi...