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    Veterans Affairs RN Summary Review Board for removal

    Nurses in the VA do get fired. If you want to know about the VA contact a union rep. They have to be carefull about what they say as they can be terminated for making negative comments about the VA. I can say that Nurses do get fired. One probationary nurse was fired on Christmas eve. Understand the pay package and understand the boarding process because the salary they quote you may not be what you get. Know up front that if you take a night shift position you can be pulled to days with little to no notice and child care is not considered when they change your tour of duty same holds true for days to nights. Your years of experience as a bedside nurse may not amount to much as they value QM nurses and data colection nurses more then bedside nurses. Its very difficult to get promoted if you are a bedside nurse some nurses never get out of the Nurse 1 level even with 20 years of experience or more. Managers have a very poor training and mentoring program that makes nurses lives more difficult. Its a big brother is watching enviornment and you need to prepare yoursef for that when considering working for the VA. Patients complain to congress over every little thing and that launches an investigation on the staff. Its just a mentally tough place to work, and not many in leadership advocate for nurses unless they are trying to gain magnet status. Two years to retirement
  2. Joevarn

    groupone sucks

    Florida is no diferent from what has been posted. I am in the process of consulting with an Attorney regarding a Class Action Suite against Tenet. I am a RN with 24 years experience and have a totally clean record. I worked Agency as a 2nd job for two Tenet hospitals in my area: ICU, ER, PACU, for over ten years. I recently applied for Part Time status at the local Trauma Center which is owned by Tenet and which I worked for 5 years full time before Tenet bought the hospital. Tenet owns 6 of the 10 hospitals with in a 30 mile radius. I was hired by the trauma center and with in 1 hr called by HR and told that They made a mistake as I was on a no re-hire list. I did some searching on my own and found out that at one of the Tenet Facilities I worked in as an AGENCY RN the Night supervisor changed my assignment from ICU to TELE. As I never worked the TELE unit in that hospital I refused to go. The previous two days I worked ICU and I had the FLU but the tenet supervisor would not alow me to stay home so I worked ICU with the FLU. Because I refused to take an assignment in the Tele unit that I never oriented on or worked before; I was placed on a NO RE HIRE LIST which Means I cannot work at any Tenet facility in the country they have the monolopy. I have come to find out there are 8000 people on this list and it gets updated daily this is a national list. From what I can gather many were placed on the list 2nd to attempting to form a union. Please pass this e-mail message around, If my Lawyer takes this as a Class Action Case we may be able to stop this practice. I was never a Tenet Employee in the first place, I worked for the Agency. I was never caled into HR by the agency or Tenet to explain , I was never given any type of due process. I was just restricted from earning a living by a 28 yr old supervisor. No body should have that power. Joe
  3. Joevarn

    cardiac markers

    Some of the facilities use markers q 6 and others q8. If the hospital has beds that day we keep the patient overnight. If the beds are tight they rule out in the ER and go home from there. If EKG is Neg and Troponin is neg x 2 its home you go. If you have chest pain relieved with SL Nitro and the EKG and Labs are neg you go home and follow up with stress test unless you die first. The true indicator used for deciding to keep the patient is the bed situation sad but true
  4. Joevarn

    Nursing; A job or a Profession?

    Nursing is listed with the BLS as a blue collar. "JOB" Based on the responsibility and accountability on the JOB one would have to recognized this JOB as a profession. Question then is why has the public not recognized Nursing as a profession? The answer to that is the profession is dominated by women, who for the most part are labor illiterate, and are too busy looking for emotional acceptance rather then and expectable work environment. The Nursing organizations have a fixed delusion that the degree you have will earn you the right of passage into the male dominated world of professions. Nursing is a divided field and the small pay gains made over the years are directly related to the cyclical shortages and not the degree you earned. The 30 years struggle over Bachelor Degree as the entry-level degree into the profession has prevented Nursing form gaining the rewards that this profession with all its accountability and responsibility should have gained. Nursing is a Hybrid JOB and it will always be that. The responsibility that Nurses have to their JOB is to protect the environment they work in. Nurses must continue to fight for higher wages, lower ratios, greater say in the environment they work in, and improved benefits. Nurses must become politically active in their Unions or Organizations that have formed P.A.C Nurses have the power to improve their "profession" but we must all move in step with one another to achieve that. Job/profession does it really matter? Its nothing more than a label, the way you carry yourself throughout the course of the day is the true indicator.
  5. For the health and safety of patients and the preservation of Nursing as a profession please vote against these proposed Bills H.R. 441,414 and S. 455 I offer this brief statement. I started my Nursing career in 1982 and have witnessed the changes first hand, that have occurred in Nursing. Nursing professionals are the last barrier the health care industry has to over come, to completely control the health care industry. "Bed side" care givers serve as the only patient advocates left in the hospital setting by virtue of existing state laws and codes of conduct set up by the licensing agencies. Hospitals have created the Nursing shortage in the name of profit. These Bills provide additional means for abuses to continue and will allow hospitals to increase their profits at the expense of patients. I will mention a few of the problems that have caused the Nursing shortage: 1. Nurses do not have the luxury of a 40 HR work week, nurses across this country are sent home in the middle of work shifts when the hospital census drops and they never know from week to week what their take home pay will be. 2. Many Nurses have not seen a pay raise for years and benefits have eroded to the point where many nurses no longer can afford to carry health care insurance to protect their families. 3. The patient care ratios are at dangerous levels and have caused harm to the patients. Nurses are assigned to provide direct care to as many as 10-20 patients at a time with little to no ancillary support staff. 4. Nurses are being made to take responsibility for non-licensed staff and at the same time risk their own license in the process. This are just a few development in Nursing that has led to a Nursing shortage. 5. The salary is such that many Nurses are now working two jobs to support their families. These are only a few issues that have caused the Nursing shortage. A Vote in favor of these Bills will only endorse the activities of the health care industry that has led to destruction of the Nursing profession. The government has no business in bailing out Hospitals by providing them with foreign Nurses to alleviate the current shortage. A NO vote on the Bills will be a Yes vote for patient safety and a better work environment for Nurses. I would encourage all Nurses to read this bill and let your local leaders now how you feel. ------------------