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  1. Mishee926

    Healthcare Communication

    Hello everyone, I am having difficulty with a paper that I'm writing regarding the differences between personal vs. professional health care communication. I've scoured my textbooks and online resources looking for a "formal" definition of "personal" health care communication, but I've been so far unsuccessful. Can anyone recommend a source to help me out, or give their input as to what personal and professional health care communication exactly is? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. Mishee926

    NCLEX-RN results by Christmas??

    I was on my computer for almost 3 hours straight right after my exam, trying to do the PVT thing. I wasn't successful because my status was "ready to be delivered" for the longest time. >_ If your status is still "ready to be delivered" and you're starting to feel like pulling your hair out of frustration (I know, I felt that way, haha), then I would suggest taking a break...go out shopping...out to eat...anything to pass the time. :) Your status will change in time and you'll be able to try the PVT then. Hope that helps. I'll be crossing my fingers that you get a "good" popup!
  3. Mishee926

    NCLEX-RN results by Christmas??

    Hello Everyone! Early apologies if this is a bit long... I live in California and took the NCLEX-RN exam on Dec 22 (Tuesday) at 8am. Stopped at 75 questions and left the building with a pounding heart. I've been so anxious since then about my results! Upon the suggestion of my classmates and friends, I've done the PVT and received a "good" pop-up. It has relieved some of the anxiety, but I'm still harboring a tiny bit of uneasiness from the lack of "official" results. I guess my question is, what are the chances of me being able to find out my official results by Christmas? My family have been more than supportive of me throughout my nursing career, and I would absolutely love to present official "YOU HAVE PASSED" results to them on Christmas day! :redbeathe:redbeathe Especially to my grandparents, who have even contributed financially to get me through Nursing school!:icon_hug::1luvu: Can I expect a delay in the results because of the holiday? Also, my teachers have told me that the CA-BoN is usually closed Friday-Sunday---is this true?? And, if it is true, then will I not be able to get "official" results until next week? For those in California who've taken the NCLEX-RN around Christmas, what was your experience with this? Please help me relieve some of my anxiety before Christmas... (why oh WHY doesn't CA participate in quick results?? aurgh!) Thank you much in advance! Happy Holidays to all~ :gift: