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  1. i failed my nclex

    its been a week that i rest and cleared my mind about nclex. what's the first thing on suzanne's plan? i have a saunder's 4th ed. should i finish it first before starting her plan? i plan to take my test on april
  2. i failed my nclex

    likewise, you cant predict nclex by our own. i studied a lot. and i don't know how or where to start again.im unemployed too..thinking where to get that $200.theres a plenty of time. i guess 45 days is enough to get another 200 and gain more knowledg...
  3. i failed my nclex

    i know how u feel. but we must go on. so are u planning to send your application anytime soon? what state you from? thanks for the information.
  4. what's the next step after i fail my nclex?

    i will try Prioritization, Delegation & Assignment: Practice Exercises for Medical-Surgical Nursing by Linda Lacharity, Candice Kumagai, Barbara Bartz too. it was also recommended by a friend who already passed. thanks.
  5. February 09 NCLEX Test Taker Support

  6. i failed my nclex

    i want to ask about applying for my second eligibility, do i have to wait minimum 45 days before applying could i send my application as early as now and wait 45 days to take the exam? thanks for all the advices... i really need help!
  7. i failed my nclex

    thank you melinurse. i have question, should i get the 4th ed of saunders before starting anything?
  8. Getting NCLEX-RN results in California

    ohh wow.. filipino nurses are in here! i think you did fine.. don't worry all you have to do is wait and pray. you will receive your result anytime soon.. best of luck to you!
  9. the waiting for CA is from 2-4 weeks. sometimes its more than 10 days up to month. i think it doesn't include the weekends and holidays. but since there's a news that the government of CA is close every first and third fridays of the month,all you ha...
  10. :clphnds: congratulations!!!!
  11. what's the next step after i fail my nclex?

    ohh.. u really beat us and very encouraging. they said that in nclex world you dont have to know everything because they're expecting that we are all new nurses.so we dont have buy all nclex books or reviewer. its how you deal with the questions. as ...
  12. i failed my nclex

    i took mine last jan30 and i just received it friday. and i stopped at 157:crying2: i didnt expect this to happen but i have a feeling coz my nclex was really difficult. don't worry that much, i think you did fine.all you have to do is relax and wait...
  13. what's the next step after i fail my nclex?

    dear marikris, i failed my nclex too. i took mine last jan30 and i felt the same way. at first im confident that i did my best and prayed a lot.i know its not enough but i still trust GOD. i grieved for a night and cried. but the next morning i said ...
  14. i failed my nclex

    i failed my nclex-RN after the long wait. i reviewed from Hurst and now i dont know what to do next? can i reapply now? how long will i wait to apply again for my nclex for CA? pls help and i need advices. wear can i get suzanne's plan? it might be ...
  15. how long is the result for out of state?

    my thanks to everyone. good luck to me. i don't want to pressure myself. :) im getting positive.